May 17, 2022

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After investigation, Hayy reveals payments to the Public Health Network |  Globalism

After investigation, Hayy reveals payments to the Public Health Network | Globalism

The province responds to an inquiry from the Comptroller regarding payments made from the regional entity of the Cartagena Public Health Network.

It all started after the complaint made by Abelardo Mesa Hirazo, on behalf of Funcicaribe’s Citizens Control Office, to the Republic’s Public Audit Office. In this, it asked the entity to conduct a special preventive financial control audit to the District’s Department of Administrative Health (Dadis), alleging “alleged damage to the public health network,” referring to end-point agreement payments, services and technologies that were subsequently not funded by UPC (previous periods, refunds), insurance payments to the population belonging to the subsidized system”.

After analyzing the request for alleged irregularities in payments to the Public Health Network, the review transmitted the complaint to the Cartagena District Comptroller, who is conducting relevant investigations and has already visited Dadis offices in search of documents and information related to the case.

After investigation, they reported from the county that the William Dow administration was able to repay and pay $54,749 million to cover historical debts that were with the city’s public network. Johanna Bueno Alvarez, director of Dadis, noted that Mayor Dow’s management was the only one that had expressed an interest in canceling previous commitments.

For example, it showed that between 2020 and 2021 the region paid $37,048,385,446 to University of the Caribbean Hospital and $14,594,172,759 to Rafael Calvo Maternity Clinic.

“With the transferred resources, the mayor’s office was able to repay the historic debt incurred by the district with the Rafael Calvo Maternity Clinic, which prevented the health human resources from turning into indeterminate unemployment in the midst of the pandemic. Last year, the entity was prevented from financial intervention by the Ministry of Health. Finance, due to the alleged administrative and financial mismanagement that has been occurring since previous years, as envisaged in Resolution 1129 of May 26, 2021, issued by the Ministry of Finance.

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At the same time, the Dadis administration was able to manage affiliation with the public social security system in health for 158 high-cost patients, which represents an annual cost of more than 9 billion pesos for the region,” the county said.