August 15, 2022

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After realizing that it was by Jan Lievens, this fee is now worth $1.44 million

After realizing that it was by Jan Lievens, this fee is now worth $1.44 million

It’s the art dealer’s moment: discovering a rare work hidden in a variety of regular auction pieces. It still rarely detects a file A never-before-seen drawing by a Dutch master not seen in 132 years. This is exactly the story of how Christopher Bishop got caught Drawing by 17th century painter Jan Levins At a small Massachusetts auction house in 2020, it was initially valued at between $200 and $300. By the end of this month, it could fetch a price tag of around $1.44 million in Levins’ hometown of the Netherlands.

The work is an official portrait of Martin Tromp, the captain of the Dutch navy, who sat for the artist just a year before his death in a sea battle with the English. over the centuries, Tromp was a symbol of national pride in the NetherlandsIt even appeared on Dutch postage stamps when the country was under Nazi occupation during World War II.

As befits a precious piece drenched in darkness, Jan Lievens’ drawing life was interesting. The sketch was first used as a basis for Tromp’s oil drawings, and was the basis for prints, as it shows evidence that it was fixed to an engraving plate. The ownership of this particular drawing was revealed at an 1888 auction in Frankfurt, and its whereabouts from then until 2020 are largely unknown.

Portrait of Admiral Martin Harbertson Trump (1597-1653), Alternating current. 1652/3 framed.

Considering that the second drawing by Lievens de Tromp and an oil painting based on this particular drawing are in British Museum CollectionAnd the It is a mystery how he remained unaccounted for for so long. However, Christopher Bishop’s inquiries amid the pandemic through online auctions led him to the drawing, listed as “An unknown gentleman, initialed IL, and dated 1652” by Marion Auctions. Antique auction.

The bishop taught that a y often looks like a yo The signatures of the seventeenth century made him feel that he was experiencing something special. This suspicion was soon confirmed by the huge interest in the October 2020 auction. With 15 potential bidders, the price rose to $514,800. When all was said and done, even if Bishop wasn’t 100% sure he bought a real businessWhen the hammer hits.

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