August 8, 2022

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Recommendations |  These are the tips to prevent damage to your hearing aids |  technology

Recommendations | These are the tips to prevent damage to your hearing aids | technology

The It is one of the most used accessories all over the world. Over the years they have gone from being the perfect complement to but also for s

On the technological market there are different types of hearing aids: Wired, wireless, splash-proof, waterproof, noise-reducing, and more.

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Not only does it play music, but it also gives us the ability to speak through the built-in microphones. Therefore, on this note we have prepared three To prevent damage to your hearing aids.

1. Avoid moisture

Today there are “splash-resistant” hearing aids; However, these usually do not tolerate much moisture. If water enters through the various openings of the device, this can seriously damage it. If you are going to wash your face or be in a place with moisture (steam baths, hot baths), keep it in a safe place.

It is necessary to note that in the technological market there are special hearing aids for use in wet environments (swimming pools, for example). thus, You need to check and know if your device is “splash-proof” or “water-resistant”.

2. Keep your hearing aids in a warm environment

Excessive heat can damage the technology in hearing aids. It is best to store your hearing aids in the shade if you are in an extremely hot environment or in direct sunlight. These devices are often very sensitive to high temperatures.

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3. Avoid contact with creams

Usually, there are those who use face creams or sunscreens as part of their daily routine. If you are one of them, put your headphones on after applying lotions to your face.

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Creams should not come into contact with hearing aids because they can clog the microphone and make hearing difficult. This can irreparably damage your device.

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