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Air fryer for French fries

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Goodbye to fried potatoes: nutrition experts are calling for them to be replaced with this delicious and healthy alternative

During the last few months there The device that became the real king From the kitchen: the air fryer, a device that has gained popularity in kitchens around the world but especially in Spanish kitchens thanks to the value proposition it offers to make foods crispy and healthy without having to use oil.

In addition to worry about food, Shape and Health The air fryer has reached a critical moment: the rising price of olive oil due to inflation and a shortage in supply due to drought that has led many families to search for cheaper alternatives.

On the other hand, ease of use and Promised to reduce fat They have made the air fryer an essential part of the kitchen.

Another of the characteristics that blasphemes In favor of implementing an air fryer It is the speed at which some foods, such as vegetables and meat, are prepared.

Expert warning about air fryers

In this context increasingly popular, Boticaria Garcia, the famous pharmacist and nutritionist, gave her opinion on air fryer French fries, providing essential data for those seeking to improve their diet.

In a recent appearance on La Sexta’s show “Zapeando,” Garcia explained that French fries made in an air fryer contain 90% less acrylamide than those prepared in a traditional fryer.

Acrylamide is a chemical compound that forms in starchy foods during cooking at high temperatures and is linked to an increased risk of cancer, according to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

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Garcia stressed that using an air fryer not only reduces the formation of harmful compounds; As well as fat consumptionWhich makes French fries a healthier option. But he warned that nutritional health depends not only on the cooking method, but also on the foods that are chosen. “Putting some pepper is not the same as putting some Roman-style squid, because the battered squid is still unhealthy,” the expert said.

According to Boticaria Garcia, The key to a healthy diet It’s all about moderation and choosing the right foods for each cooking method. Although the air fryer is an effective tool for reducing the consumption of fats and harmful compounds, it is necessary to maintain a balanced and varied diet.

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