July 14, 2024

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How many goals does Lamine Yamal think he will score in the European Cup?  This is what the winger looks like in his first major tournament

How many goals does Lamine Yamal think he will score in the European Cup? This is what the winger looks like in his first major tournament

toThe Euro 2024 tournament in Germany has begun generating a significant amount of content. In addition to the matches that are at a high level, We can see many interviews and videos of players, both with the media and with content creators.

Yesterday Murata was with DjMariio live, and before that we saw Peder with Buyer Brothers. Now it’s the turn of Lamin Yamal, who got wet about the choice, leaving some headlines. In a relaxed interview in which he looked very relaxed, we saw the winger happy and ready for this tournament.

Rodri, the “different” player for Lamin Yamal

From the first moment of the interview, Yamal did not stop making headlines. The first was when talking about training. The buyers asked him which player in the Spain squad surprised him the most: “Rodri. You know he’s very good, but when you see him playing with you…”

In addition, it also happens that interviews are mixed, and other data are put forward. Carvajal noted that day that although Lamine is very good, he had to “pull his ears” to convince him to go down. Given this, the FC Barcelona winger He took the opportunity to hit Neco WilliamsOne of his best friends in the national team: “I am the winger who defends the most in the national team. I beat Nico in everything, in finishing, in the exercises we do… I beat FIFA, I beat darts…“.

How many goals, how does it feel to be in the European Cup and the promise

naturally, He was clear about the player he would like to see on the Spanish roster, which is teammate Pau CobarciHe also explained that he is bad at golf, a sport he doesn’t stand out in because it’s “meant for old people.” However, the most emotional response came when they asked him how he felt about playing in the European Cup.

Lamin Yamal tells buyers his amazing Euro 2020 story

A lot of happiness, when Pedri was playing the 2020 match, I was watching him in the shopping center with my friends, in Mataro ParkThey also asked him how many goals he expected to score in the tournament, and he seemed confident: “Four, that’s a lot, almost the top scorer in the tournament, that’s good.”

Albayers tried to indicate that he would score more, but Lamine showed himself with his feet on the ground: “I think there are three games in the group stage, and many more until the third. “Six goals is the top scorer in the tournament, and I think I will score four.”

He also had time to hesitate a little with the content creators, and ask about the penalty kick that Eric missed in Monterrey. Laughing, he also gave him “advice” for upcoming releases: “In penalty kicks you have to shoot in the middle, because…“.

Finally, Lamine made a promise if Spain won the Euro. Pedri promised that he would shave his head and grow a mustache, and Lamin tried to save himself by saying that he had shaved his head, but he could not. Buyers and Pedri put pressure on him, and he finally promised to paint himself all white.

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