February 23, 2024

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Air New Zealand teases new Air Canada Jetz A320 livery – Aviation News Transponder 1200

Air New Zealand teases new Air Canada Jetz A320 livery – Aviation News Transponder 1200

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Air Race: Air Canada Vs. Air New Zealand due to similarity of Jetz livery recently announced by Canadian airline.


  • Air Canada is introducing an all-black design for its jets service.
  • Air New Zealand responds with humor, pointing out the similarities to its iconic design.
  • Air Canada’s jets are described as a premium service aimed at a select audience.
  • It’s a tribute to rugby that Air New Zealand decided to go with black.

Introduction to Controversy

Air CanadaThe iconic Canadian airline surprised the public by announcing a new all-black design for its service. Jets On September 12, 2023. This presentation was done on stage X, highlighted that the renovation will not only be unique, but also enhance the cabin experience for passengers. However, Air New Zealand intervened immediately with bold caution.

Air New Zealand replica

jokingly, Air New Zealand He didn’t hesitate to point out that the new Air Canada livery looked curiously familiar. To emphasize their point, they attached a photo of their iconic aircraft Boeing 787, known for its all-black design. However, as we show here, A Airbus A320 This title gives more meaning and similarity between the two airlines. Create your own conclusions.

A look at Air Canada’s jets

In the Air Canada universe, jets hold a special place. On its website it is described as the preferred service for those looking for the best business class travel. Be it entertainment groups, corporate clients or sports teams, Jetz is one. Its fleet consists of three Airbus A319 and A Airbus A320, offers an exclusive experience. Additionally, Air Canada is proud to be the choice for big names and iconic NHL and NBA teams like Bill Collins, Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones.

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Air New Zealand Sports Link

Air New Zealand’s choice of an all-black design is not random. By unveiling this design in 2010, the airline wanted to pay tribute to its commitment to rugby, particularly the national team known as the All Blacks. The livery debuted in January 2011 with the arrival of the new Airbus A320.

Photo: Air New Zealand – Laurent Herrera