July 5, 2022

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Al-Tayer presents the mini-documentary on his controversial visit to Cuba

Al-Tayer presents the mini-documentary on his controversial visit to Cuba

Cuban Reggaeton Tiger It continues to stir up controversy. Shortly after the first show A documentary about his controversial concert in MiamiWhich gathered fans and detractors, the artist released other materials among them his recent visit to the island.

The mini-documentary just over 12 minutes long brings together the most important moments of the merchant’s visit, both on a personal and musical level.

The material shows various emotional moments, such as the reunion with his daughters and his family, a visit to his mother’s grave and Singer Daniel Muñoz’s graveKnown as Dhani.

“Wherever I stand, on any stage, I say my greatest pride is to be my mother’s son […] Only women like you give men like me. “I love you in my life,” said the bird, drowning in tears, kneeling on its mother’s grave.

In the documentary you can also watch his movie Meet his cousin Jorge Jr.Loss 4 manager after 12 years without seeing each other and many public confrontations.

Tiger also participated with singer Yumel and Elito Refi and orchestra, with whom he is preparing a remix of his popular song “Habla Matador”.

Taiger became the target of criticism due to his recent trip to Cuba, and He was interrogated to stay in a hotel From Grupo de Turismo Gaviota SA, which is controlled by the military, and because it was able to enter the country without problems after denouncing the regime for its repression on July 11.

After returning from Cuba, the reggaeton artist went to El Bafletazo on UniVista TV, where he said he felt trapped by the kind of questions he was asked about the trip, and Finally left the interview.

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Tiger said on the program that the main reason for his visit to Cuba was to visit his daughters, because I am “more a father than an artist.”

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