March 1, 2024

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Alberto Gameiro: “It’s not all bad, we always fight in the finals”

Alberto Gameiro: “It’s not all bad, we always fight in the finals”

After losing the opportunity to fight on the last date of the home rounds, Alberto Gameiro breaks down the game and takes stock of what an amazing year this has been Where they were able to be champions, fight in the final match and qualify among the best eight. He pointed out that he is proud of the 74 matches that the team played during 2023 and already hopes to have a break to think about 2024.

DT has preferred not to talk about reinforcements yet, But he said there are already things that have been discussed with managers. Next year is key for the Millonarios team who want to have a good international tournament And continue to fight in the Colombian football finals. Finally, he mentioned that they will play against Nacional with a lot of dignity in pursuit of victory.

Match analysis and potential reinforcements for 2024

Match analysis: “The match, in my opinion, was back and forth. We came looking for the result. América de Cali sometimes took the ball from us and attacked us as well, but we also took it from them and attacked them. This is football and they did something to win the match, but it seems to me that we had options.” We came up with the same idea and the same mentality, and we ended up playing with one midfielder, which was Vega, and we played with two, with two strikers, we looked wherever we could, we made changes to at least equalize and leave the group with possibilities, but we couldn’t. America de Cali scored the goal and defended it very well.

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Possible reinforcements for 2024: “It would be disrespectful to talk about recruitment next year, we have one game in which we will go out and find it and win it. On Thursday, after the game, we will sit down to talk to the technical directors, there are already things that have been discussed.

Physical wear and balance for this year

Physical wear of equipment: “We all want to win and go to the final, unfortunately this time it was not enough for us, but with one game left I am happy and proud of this group. We are the leaders in the re-classification, there is no point in quotes, but there are 92 points above, we have a title that gives us Being in the group stage and today we completed 79 matches, including five friendly matches. It was thought that the second semester would be a transition period, but we did not do it that way. We took it to play and face the finals. I am calmly walking with the group and we will play a match with dignity, as we have This team always did.

Balance for the year“It’s not all bad, there are many good things. We always fight for the finals, we compete and we came here looking for a result. It also happened in the BetPlay Cup and throughout the year. Millonarios has 92 points this year. There are a few Teams that do this, we scored two goals at home and reached the final in one game, and were eliminated by our bootstraps. I have never seen a team that was tired, until the last minute we tried to equalize. Now we will have the possibility to rest and think to gain energy.

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