December 9, 2023

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Alex Caniggia has been kicked out of Big Brother VIP Spain for breaking a dangerous rule

Alex Caniggia has been kicked out of Big Brother VIP Spain for breaking a dangerous rule

Alex Caniggia has been evicted from Big Brother of Spain (Big Brother VIP Spain)

He was about two months old Alex Caniggia inside the house VIP Big Brother From Spain. the emperor She decided to participate in the reality show about living together in the most famous residence in the world, even though her first daughter had recently been born, Venice, The fruit of his relationship with Melody Luz. We must remember that the journalist had also met the dancer in another competition. The famous hotelthe tournament that aired on El Trece in 2021 and which Alex won.

As is son Claudio Paul And Mariana Nanes He traveled to the European country and from there he continued to maintain the high status that characterizes his personality. From Argentina, his partner predicted that he could also win this competition. However, a statement was issued on Wednesday night that the production of the reality show had spread across social networks: The Argentine was sent off along with another teammate.

The Twitter account also said: “Attention, Alex Caniggia has been kicked out of Big Brother Vip. After failing to adhere to the rules of conduct required by Big Brother, Alex and Gustavo were disciplinaryly expelled from the competition. He added: “At next Thursday’s ceremony, the photos that forced us to make this decision will be displayed.”

Alex Caniggia expulsion statement from Big Brother Spain (Twitter)

Without further information, definitely the twin’s brother Charlotte Caniggia He returned to the country to reunite with his wife and four-month-old daughter. This Wednesday afternoon, Melody spoke at a session Karina Mazzocco, afternoon (America) and from there he told part of his partner’s family’s inside story. The dancer pointed out the bad relationship between Alex and his mother, Mariana Nanes, especially after the media He kicked them out of the apartment they shared in Puerto MaderoAnd it’s yours. She said, upset by the situation: “The worst thing is that he kicked us out because that is his right. The worst thing is that I was about to give birth.”

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“When we left, I left a bouquet of flowers inside.” It wasn’t cynical or in bad faith. “I really thank you for allowing me to live under this roof for the entire time that I was there,” the young woman revealed, and also expressed that she had not seen Alex since he left for Europe in mid-September.

Once the Emperor was installed in the pageant, he requested a telephone conversation with his daughter’s mother. The organizer of the program, which is broadcast on the Telecinco channel, offered him the possibility of contacting his girlfriend by phone in exchange for a discount on the total prize for which he was competing. “What do you do, Mamo“How are you?” Alex shouted as Melody’s voice could be heard on the other end of the line and several archive photos of them together in the studio were shown.

Alex Caniggia spoke with Melody Luz from the Big Brother Spain house (Video: Big Brother VIP Spain)

“Hi my life, I love you, I see you every second I can. “I see you all day, I love you,” the dancer replied. Faced with a delay in communication, Alex repeatedly asked how the “kid” was doing in relation to Venice. “It’s beautiful, growing up. “Ajo,” he says. Laughing all day long. She’s healthy, my love. I swear, she’s beautiful“His partner on the other side of the line answered. “I hear you talking every day. I love you. You are in very good shape. I continued like this. People love you. you are the winner. Give it your all, I love you“, Melody told him, not suspecting that the end was near by firing her boyfriend.

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