November 28, 2023

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Álex de la Iglesia’s new release on HBO Max maintains all the terrifying energy of his best productions

Álex de la Iglesia’s new release on HBO Max maintains all the terrifying energy of his best productions

The second season of “30 Coins” perfectly maintains the vibrant pulse of its predecessor

The second season of30 coinsIt took a while, but the truth is that its launch on HBO Max did not disappoint. With the death of Father Vergara at the end of Season 1, it might seem that this Alex de la Iglesia-directed series has reached an equally corpse point. De la Iglesia, knowing full well that the only solution in these cases is to move forward without looking back, makes the best decision in a series of this kind: sending Vergara to hell.

Thus begins the first chapter of this new season, with… An aesthetic spree that would drive Clive Barker crazy. The series is plot-wise continuous with what we’ve already seen, and in fact, it’s almost worth reviewing the first season so you don’t get lost: after the witches that concluded that season, the entire town is in a mental institution. Except for some who managed to escape. And Elena is still in a coma… or worse.

In these early stages of the series, we have yet to see Merche, the famous villain played by Macarena Gómez, who is destined to become one of the most relevant characters of the season. Fortunately, de la Iglesia was able to discover its toxic appeal and would give it greater importance. It’s the big news this year, along with the presence of Noga Nimri and Paul Giamatti, reorienting the series more towards brutal action than pure and simple horror.

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Also in this new season, as is inevitable, we will leave Pedraza, the mysterious city of the first year. It stands to reason that De La Iglesia was the one who decided this Expand the focus of the adventure to include more characters and more parallel actions Partially abandoning the semi-episodic structure in pursuit of a more traditional, but also more flexible, narrative. “30 Coins” is almost a miracle in the otherwise tepid panorama of our horror output flowSo we have to embrace it…and pray for Black Bible to play so we can have more chapters.

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