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Alfred Molina didn’t want to repeat what he did as Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2 at No Way Home.

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[Esta nota contiene spoilers de Spider-Man: No Way Home]

One of the first items that Sony confirmed Spider-Man: There is no room for home Alfred Molina’s return was as Doc Ock. Indeed, after appearing in the first trailer for the movie, this version of Otto Octavius ​​was an essential part of promoting Spidey’s new cinematic adventures.

In that sense, Alfred Molina is probably one of the actors who talked the most about his return to the Spider-Man films. However, as the actor portrayed one of the franchise’s most beloved villains, the details of his role are still amazing.

After all, days ago a interview As Molina thought about his comeback as Doc Ock and said that although he took into account his work in spider man 2Nor did he want to repeat exactly what he did in the 2004 movie The Unforgettable.

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“What I found so cool about the first movie (Spider-Man 2) is that they gave Doc Ock this wonderful moment of redemption. And like all the great villains, like so many in the Marvel universe, (Doc Ock) became a villain reluctantly, or almost by accident. “. Molina said. “I knew when John (Watts) described what would be Doc Ock’s debut in this movie, he knew it was going to be a (awe) moment.”

in a plot Spider-Man: There is no room for homeOtto Octavius ​​arrives in the MCU due to a problem with the spell created by Doctor Strange so that the world forgets the secret identity of Peter Parker. Courtesy of the plot in which Spidey attempts to tackle villains, Doc Ock not only meets the spider version of Tobey Maguire but also positions himself as an ally of Spider-Man.

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In that sense, even though Molina clearly picked up elements from his first foray as Doc Ock, the actor also wanted to embody something new in the character.

“I wanted to make sure I was in the right place in terms of acting, so it was worth going back and watching (Spider-Man 2),” Molina said. But at the same time, it’s a different director, it’s a different movie, it’s fresh, so I didn’t want to go back and do what we did before. For me it was important to arrive as if it was the first time.”

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