July 1, 2022

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All foreigners entering New Zealand must be vaccinated with Covit-19

All foreigners entering New Zealand must be vaccinated with Covit-19

Covit-19 vaccinated woman

The New Zealand government has announced that all foreigners arriving in New Zealand on or after November 1 will be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Vaccination is the best measure against the spread of Govt-19, and the risk of serious illness or death”, Chris Hipkins defended in response to epidemic SBS News.

In addition to issuing a vaccination certificate, travelers over the age of 17 – except those from exempt countries – must be subjected to 14 days of isolation. The requirement to be vaccinated does not apply to those under 17 years of age.

“To further reduce the possibility of the virus crossing our borders, we are introducing the need to fully vaccinate non-New Zealand citizens aged 17 and over.” Explained.

According to the minister, this is a “significant step” in the country’s “recognition” strategy and is being measured with Air New Zealand’s airline, which has announced a “no jab, no fly” policy. – For international travelers starting in February.

“Mandatory vaccination on our international flights gives peace of mind to customers and staff, and everyone on board meets the same health needs”, “he said. The company’s CEO Greg Foren said in a statement.

A woman is vaccinated against Govt-19
A woman is vaccinated against Govt-19

About 78 percent of New Zealand’s target population has received the first dose of the vaccine, and 46 percent have been fully vaccinated, while Prime Minister Jacinta Artern continues to urge citizens to get vaccinated.

“The vaccine makes a difference, it keeps people safe. It also gives us options.”Artern assured that it would be “very unlikely” that restrictions would be announced if the vaccination rate was high.

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New road map

On the other hand, the Prime Minister on Monday announced a “road map” for the gradual easing of restrictions on Govt-19, starting in Auckland, the country’s largest city.

“We’re doing something new from our current strategy. But we haven’t gotten there yet.”Atern assured that the continued use of “tools” available today, such as vaccination, testing, isolation and monitoring, is essential.

People wearing masks exercise during corona virus (COVID-19) lockdown in Auckland, New Zealand
People wearing masks exercise during corona virus (COVID-19) lockdown in Auckland, New Zealand

However, residents of Auckland will be able to meet up to ten other citizens abroad from this Tuesday, while the children’s centers will reopen under the ten-person ‘bubble’ system.

The next phase, which does not have an official start date, will reopen public and retail services, while increasing the number of meetings to 25.

The third step is to allow the meetings to grow to 50 members. On the other hand, schools are scheduled to reopen from October 18 and the government will review the weekly schedule.

The country counted 29 cases of the corona virus this Monday, in addition to the nearly 4,000 cases recorded since the outbreak, which killed 27 people.

With a population of 5 million, 4,000 Govt-19 cases have been reported since the epidemic began in New Zealand with 27 deaths.

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