April 19, 2024

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Alvaro de Luna revives the controversy with Laura Escanes and dedicates his new song to her: “I wrote another song for you.”

Alvaro de Luna revives the controversy with Laura Escanes and dedicates his new song to her: “I wrote another song for you.”

Alvaro de Luna in a photo on social media (Instagram)

love story Laura Escanes and Alvaro de Luna It ended last October. A difficult chapter in his life that the singer never spoke about publicly. At least not directly, because through its themes It seems to clearly refer to the person who was once his partner..

After their separation, the young man returned to the singing scene with… luck, a song that describes a failed love relationship through devastating lyrics. Then it started being said Alvaro de Luna has made Shakirazo, Taking advantage of its subject matter to drop several hints at Influencer. The Colombian singer did not stop expressing her feelings in her songs after Pique's separation.

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Although it seems that everything is left there, the truth is that the next one is his bachelor Continue the same line. And a letter unknown, The song, in which the artist addresses his breakup again, also seems to “address” the person who occupied his heart for a year. “And I thought it was right. I'm not ready for you or your hints. In sunglasses, escaping the press. “I still do what I want, I'm not up to this bullshit,” is one of the lines that make up the song.

Laura Escanes and Alvaro de Luna. (Instagram)

She was tired of the ridicule her ex-boyfriend directed at her through his songs. Laura Escanis posted a resounding message Through his account X, formerly Twitter. Resto Majeed's former partner compared the artist to the woman Barranquilla to teach him that you are not the Shakira of history, that is enough.

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A few days after this reaction, Álvaro de Luna released a new song FGLC (few pieces) for your disk Boyz don't cry. The album – and its title in Spanish – is Boys do not Cry It also has a close relationship with the Colombian artist, as it is tied Women no longer cry The lyrics refer to the song Shakira and Bezarab and of course their new album.

Alvaro de Luna promotes his new song on social media (Instagram)

in FGLC (few pieces) He wanted to show that he is not mastering his lyrics, which is his most obvious song, because through its lyrics the artist seems to be responding to the controversy with Escanes. Part of the song's composition talks about ” Pure anger from the beginningWhen you accept that things are over and get over the sadness.”

“To make you think less, I will light a flame (fire) / look, I don't hide, I don't feel ashamed (I'm not shy) / I wrote another topic for you / It's always the same great feeling like Cobain,” is one of the verses that make up the song.

The composer also explained that his latest song is part of an EP. “There are three songs They highlight three moments that everyone experiences After I left him with someone”, with these words Alvaro de Luna detailed his musical works. In this context, it is worth noting that at the beginning of his romantic relationship with Laura Escanes he had already dedicated the song to her Everything is with you He even sang it face to face on stage.

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