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Cuba thanks the donation made by China to its health system

Cuba thanks the donation made by China to its health system

BEIJING, March 29 – Cuba today thanked the donation made to its national health system by the Association for Chinese People's Friendship with Overseas and the China Friendship, Peace and Development Foundation.

The Cuban Ambassador to China, Alberto Blanco, stressed that this is a loving gesture that shows the unlimited power of bilateral solidarity and cooperation.

Through his account on the social networking site

The Caribbean leader expressed his thanks for the enduring solidarity shown by the Chinese Communist Party, the government and the people of China, while ratifying the historic and special nature of relations between the two countries.

Blanco also tweeted about his visit to several hospitals in Chengdu, southern Sichuan Province, where Health Commission directors gratefully recalled the work of the Cuban medical team that helped the Chinese people after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake.

In that province, the Cuban Ambassador also met with other senior officials of the Communist Party and the government, and the two parties ratified the desire to implement cooperation in the areas of tourism, agriculture and other sectors.

During the meeting, they also acknowledged the contribution of Dr. Pedro A. Valdes Sosa, director of the Joint Neurotechnology Laboratory in Chengdu, in the bilateral cooperation in neuroscience.

Earlier, Blanco toured sites of interest in Anhui Province, where he was also received by key authorities, as well as representatives from the business and agricultural sectors.

The ambassador wrote on the social networking site

As part of his agenda, the Ambassador also participated in the opening of the Dialogue between the 500 most powerful companies with Hubei Province, an occasion in which he presented the progress in the biotechnology sector, and the benefits and opportunities of Cuba as a tourist destination. In the special area of ​​Mariel development in Artemisa.

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According to Blanco, during his exchanges with the authorities and the business, education and cultural sectors, areas were identified to expand and strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping referred to the two countries as “good friends, good comrades and good brothers.”

Recently, the Asian giant's Foreign Ministry ratified its support for the Cuban authorities in their efforts to improve the living conditions of the people of the largest Antilles island.

“As a good friend, partner and brother of Cuba, China will continue to provide assistance to Cuba to overcome its current difficulties,” spokesman Lin Jian added.