May 27, 2022

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Amaia, review of her album I Don't Know Who I Am: Hundreds of Years Old Nostalgia Pop |  a musician

Amaia, review of her album I Don’t Know Who I Am: Hundreds of Years Old Nostalgia Pop | a musician

“Sometimes the beautiful appears when I don’t know who I am”He says Amaya at Welcome to the showThe song that opened their long-awaited second album. Aya acts as a future for all that it offers I don’t know who I am. Not only because of the title, but also because of the quality and care with which Pamplona has prepared this work.

distance But nothing happensreleased in September 2019, up I don’t know who I am: A one hundred percent pop album where Amaia plays the production of each song. She doesn’t do it alone. She accompanies him at all times Christian Quirante, better known as Alizzzwho was in charge of production. A union formed when the two musicians collaborate Meeting, A song that came out in 2020 showed the great harmony between them on the volume level.

That chemistry is now evident in this new work, as Alizzz’s production is adapted to the sound of Amaia. But with the difference with the meeting: Now she has a singing voice. Amaia sets the times and the sound turns and the machines. His voice is the protagonist of all times. The Alizzz base supports it, barely touching it, causing it to soar. The clearest example of this union can be seen in Say it without speakingWhere we hear the voice of the reinforced distorted in the background.

Classic pop music with shades of nostalgia

Amaia, as on the first album, opts for this 70’s pop sound. Like the Gen Z version of Jeannette, we listen to it Sing the impossible life. The artist’s hand does not shake when using articulation instruments. Resolution fits glove.

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An item that also takes center stage The song I don’t want to sing to you. His collaboration with Aitana is a true tribute to those 80s pop-rock bands. From that “one, two, three” that the song begins with to the fun and crazy lyrics that remind us of groups like the Vulpes. Wonder what a name Anton Alvarez, Si Tanganaappears in the credits.

But this sound coexists at all times with the instruments. Strings, especially violins, are throughout the album. Amaia uses them to determine the severity of both I invite As is the case in Pessimist.

If there’s a song where we see Amaia’s ability to blend instruments and expand her ability with production, it’s there Person. The artist takes us on an authentic journey that begins only with piano strings and whose melody is joined by instruments: chorus, Chinese chest, drums and harp. Feeling? We feel like that person: insignificant and small in a huge world.

Amaia has a special charm for taking any song into its domain. In this case, the artist wanted to pay tribute to one of her favorite groups: planets. covered the young woman The saints I painted for you. He does so with incredible elegance and naturalness, bringing the sound of the piano and strings into two key moments in the song. A real gift for band fans and for Amaya fans.

To close the disc, choose Amaia Yamaguchi. The artist distances herself from all production, and showcases her stunning voice stream in this paper. The artist is shown moving like a fish in the water in this genre as in pop music.

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Amaia is walking towards maturity

It’s no secret that Amaya has surrounded herself with great musicians ever since she left Obraccion Triovo. Among the song credits, in addition to Alizzz, we see names such as C. Tangana, Rigoberta Bandini also Xabi Saint Martin (part of La Auriga de Van Gogh).

The artist makes her own decisions since winning the famous TVE competition, moves on her intuition and shows the world that it is music in capital letters.

I Don’t Know Who I Am is the natural progression of Pero no pasa nada: a pop album where production takes center stage without Amaia’s voice remaining in the background.

We don’t know if Amaya knows who she is at this point, but she’s on the right track. At least when it comes to music. Welcome to the show! Welcome to Amaya’s new album!