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Amazon Anywhere will allow the purchase of physical products within mobile apps and games

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Amazon It seeks to expand the boundaries of its successful e-commerce formula and expand its reach into other ecosystems. That’s why he introduced it amazon anywhere, A system that allows the purchase of previously sold physical products the shop In apps, mobile games, and virtual worlds.

The company’s goal is to make it easy for consumers to discover and purchase items. No need to leave the game or app that they are using at the moment. “Whether you’re playing video games or using your favorite mobile app, Amazon is extending the fun into virtual worlds and interactive digital environments with a new immersive shopping experience.The multinational company commented in a statement.

Amazon Anywhere’s unveiling of “Peridot” coincides with the game’s global launch

Augmented reality game “Aquamarine”, Developed by Niantic – The creator of the “Pokemon Go” signature – is the ecosystem Amazon has chosen to offer this new purchase option. The move coincides with the global launch of the AI-powered virtual pet game and its availability on iOS and Android devices.

As explained by Amazon, when users play Aquamarine, they can access physical products within the game while taking care of the unique creatures. For this, one must Link your Amazon account to the game To find and purchase “Peridot” branded merchandise, such as T-shirts, T-shirts, phone accessories, or pillows featuring illustrations of magical creatures from the game.

Within the app itself you can display things like item details, Pictures, availability, price, or expected delivery date, as it happens on Amazon. Once you have chosen the product, it is enough to press the “Buy” button and pay with the linked Amazon account, without having to exit the game. Products will be shipped like any other purchase made on the shop.

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The company guarantees that it creates a new panorama for leisure shopper And digital experiencesBecause, as he points out, most purchases in virtual worlds are limited to purchases with digital currency or virtual items in the game. “We want to change thatthey explain.With Amazon Anywhere, we’re bringing the convenience and convenience of Amazon store shopping to Peridot.“.

The company has made the Amazon Anywhere feature available to creators and developers, with the intent of building their own shopping experiences in the virtual environments in which they operate.

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