April 12, 2024

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An ambulance enters the Dummar Hamelin treatment field in the “Multinational Force”

An ambulance enters the Dummar Hamelin treatment field in the “Multinational Force”

A Buffalo safety broke down seconds after he was made a tackle near midfield during the first quarter

She had a dramatic moment during Monday Night Football Week 17 between Buffalo bills s Cincinnati Bengalswhen the player Hamlin devastation affiliate Invoices He needed CPR on the field.

Medical assistance entered immediately to attend to the player, with an ambulance entering the field of play. While the player was being loaded into the ambulance, the medical staff had to lower him down to administer CPR for several minutes, before he could attempt again to get him to the emergency vehicle.

Hamlin He was assisted with artificial oxygen as he was loaded into the ambulance, surrounded by his teammates.

Several players from both teams could be seen shedding tears while there Hamlin – safety InvoicesMedical personnel assisted him.

On a second chance to play and a 3-yard kickoff return from the 39-yard line Cincinnati Joe Burrow Pass completed to Higgins T through the center of the field. Hamlin success Higgins-Perform the removal near the midline. immediately, Hamlin He got up, but after a few seconds, collapsed in on himself.

my coach Bengals s Invoices Zack Taylor s Sean McDermott, respectively – they chatted for several minutes about what decision to make about resuming play. After a long suspension of proceedings, both teams went to the locker room, after announcing that they had time to compose themselves and eventually return to the field of play.

Later, the stadium screens showed an announcement that the match had been temporarily suspended. Bin Bibi reporter from ESPN.com I mentioned that the ambulance is carrying Hamlin He left the stadium at 9:25 PM ET.

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HamlinHe is 24 years old, a sophomore running back, and coming out of University of Pittsburgh. was previously chosen buffalo In the sixth round of 2021 NFL DraftHe played 14 games as a starter last year, all as a reserve. In the current regular season, he has started 14 of the 16 games he has seen this year, including tonight.

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