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An impressive drone show with which Disney will surprise its visitors in Orlando

An impressive drone show with which Disney will surprise its visitors in Orlando

The impressive drone display with which Disney will surprise its visitors in Orlando (EFE/Sylvain Beche/Disney)

Magic, adventure, emotions, surprises and a lot of excitement are undoubtedly the ingredients that you never miss when visiting the famous Disney parks in Orlando, Florida. But if the adrenaline is experiencing powers up 2.5 grams In attractions such as Task space In Epcot, or the vertigo caused by falling from a height of 13 stories Tower of Terror At Disney’s Hollywood Studios that’s not enough, now a new experience is being added for its guests Walt Disney World Resort.

“The Happiest Place on Earth” is preparing to amaze its visitors with… Night show An unprecedented event will occur Disney Springs Starting May 24th.

under name “Disney dreams that soar“The show will be highlighted by the use of 800 state-of-the-art drones that will recreate giant images in the Florida sky and can be viewed twice a night throughout the American summer, until September 2,” providing visitors with the perfect end to a day of… Shopping, activities and dining at our restaurants.”

Disney Dreams That Soar, the new drone show at Disney Springs (EFE/Sylvain Beche/Disney)

This new experience will allow visitors to Disney Parks in Orlando to enjoy images inspired by classic characters and scenes from their films, such as ‘Peter Pan’, “Dumbo”, “WALL-E”, “Big Hero 6”, “Star Wars”among other things.

“We will feature Disney characters who have always dreamed of flying. Not just the idea that they can fly, but taking their lives to the next level,” he said. Tony GiordanoPresentation Manager.

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“We make sure that no matter how old you are or how many fans you have Disney He added: No matter who you are, you see the character you like.

The show includes the introduction of huge characters such as Baymaxwhich will reach nearly twice the height Spaceship Earth, Epcot’s famous atmosphere which is approximately 55 meters tall.

“Nothing can prepare you for the shock of watching Baymax inflate, transform and disappear right before your eyes.”Giordano commented:

Disney Live Entertainment creative development director Tom Vazzana (left) and program director Tony Giordano (EFE/Sylvan Pesch/Disney)

The work behind the show seeks emotional connection among the audience. “We want to create an experience where you want to hold the hand of the person next to you.”It is to explain.

In addition, the show will feature music from some of the best known soundtracks Disney And an original song composed exclusively for this show and lasts approximately 9 minutes.

Disney has invested a lot of effort into ensuring that this show stands out not only for its technological innovations, but also for its ability to conjure the magic of its stories.

The Disney Springs Night Show will be an exciting and visually stunning adventure “This will bring beloved Disney stories to life in the sky,” a company spokesperson said.

Those who come to Disney Springs starting May 24 will be able to watch images in the sky synchronize that will change shape and in real time, with background music that will enrich the multi-sensory experience.

A Dumbo figure in the sky during tests for the new nighttime show that will be presented from May 24 to September 2 in Orlando. (EFE/Sylvain Beche/Disney)

“The use of distinctive music and a new composition created especially for this event adds a layer of emotion that makes the exhibition unforgettable,” he added. Disney.

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“I can’t wait to be with the guests and hear their reactions. This is my favorite part about creating any show because those reactions are why we do what we do.”Giordano said.

Next June 28, the Magic Kingdom will dress up to welcome you to a new experience: Tiana Bayou Adventureinspired by the movie “The Princess and the Frog,” will replace Splash Mountain, the popular attraction famous for its 16-meter drop, which has been part of the park for decades.

Tiana Bayou Adventure Visitors will be invited to join Princess Tiana and Louis, the jazz-loving lizard, during the season Mardi grasThey are preparing for a unique celebration for the residents New Orleans.

During the tour, visitors will be able to enjoy Zydeco music, a special blend of rhythm and blues originating from Louisiana.

“We are so excited to see Tiana’s magic come to life like never before.”A spokesman said Disney.

The attraction will be inspired by the movie “The Princess and the Frog.”

The decision to modify this popular attraction, which is also located at Disneyland in California, focuses on the search for “more inclusive and diverse” representation in the company’s theme parks.

“Splash Mountain”, based on the 1946 film“Song of the South”was criticized for its depiction of characters and topics considered insensitive today.

The film was criticized for its idealized view of Southern plantation life. United State and for its portrayal of African American characters, especially the stereotypical image of Uncle Remus.

Disney It has had to make such adjustments to many of its attractions to adapt to contemporary sensibilities.

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An example of this occurred in 2017, when the “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction at Disneyland was modified due to certain aspects that some visitors considered sexist.

One of the scenes in question showed a hacker chasing a woman inside a house, which sparked criticism and prompted the company to make changes to the experience.