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An ode to stage actors forgotten under the mirror

An ode to stage actors forgotten under the mirror

An ode to stage actors forgotten under the mirrorLift-EMV

the Andalusian company La Zaranda Meets 45 years behind the scenes. The prestigious group celebrates this anniversary in the best way possible through Premiere of the work “Guide to Building a Dream”. Acting down today and tomorrow in musical theatre from Valencia. However, they acknowledge that despite these years, “there is little to celebrate and much gratitude in life.” They know firsthand that it is not easy to resist this trade for nearly half a century, which is comparable to a roller coaster.

They call themselves unstable theatre Andalus the least. During this time, they have achieved great international prestige and their distinctive language always invites the viewer to think.

Thanks to our rigorous community creation process, the The symbolic use of objects, visual expression, and the depiction of vivid characters, La Zaranda became a theatrical benchmark, which managed to overcome itself and break all barriers in each of its performances. “Guide to Building a Dream” is not far behind. In the company’s words, the work is “scheduled The poem of hopeWho wants to shine a light in the darkness of a world hostile to everything that escapes his trade. For them, history “continues to search for light, for meaning, for a clearing in the way.”

Paco de la Zaranda He is responsible for output Gaspar Campuzano, Enrique Bustos, and Francisco Sanchez in the presentation of his books Eusebio Calonge. The story tells the concerns of the retired actor. And so, in his new work, the artist, who has aged from dressing room to dressing room, looks in the mirror and recalls forgotten characters. Through an infinite journey, which takes place in a short space that stretches between the dressing room and the stage, the protagonist experiences his intimate defeat – which he does not want to assume – his worn-out illusions and disappointments that darken him. days. Such is the pessimism in him, that he does not have enough life to forget all those things that are dead in him. That is why the hero listens to those sounds that return the soul to the body. «What if we came back to life? These forgotten characters wonder at the bottom of the mirrorthey ask during the play.

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The company recognizes that “in this sterile present in which man does not seem to live up to his dreams, with his last strength, He will go out to bring hope to the stage.”

At all times, the protagonist Allied with the rest of the characters He will have to navigate the labyrinths in which bureaucrats store their indecision, avoiding the red-carpet holes of fame. The character who, at all times, defies death and oblivion, shows hope in the search for the joy he enjoys reunion with him art from the stage. The work reflects, therefore, the forgotten figures at the bottom of the mirror who, after years and old age, notice the disastrous consequences that follow from the passage of time, both personally and professionally. However, the protagonist does not stop looking for light at any point in the work.

I sing with hope

Hope is one of the most representative characteristics of La Zaranda’s work, which allows the viewer rediscover theater in its purest form, A ritual celebration in which life imitates art. In this sense, the director of TEM, Joanma Artigot, affirms that work represents “a new opportunity to have fun Historical and fundamental companyFrom his poetry and sense of humor that It will make the audience think about the stage, fame, success and failure». It is not surprising that the work, which is considered one of the best in the company, contains autobiographical overtones, in which small tributes are made to his entire career.

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La Zaranda is one of the most prominent companies internationally. Those from Jerez obtained PNational Theater Award in 2010.

23 acts

Jerez Inc. made 23 actswho dives between The Golden Age in Classical Theatre, during the 45 years of the track. In all of them, they use a Theatrical poetic transcendentalismbut in contrast, a file is used Slang Connects scenes. His goal is to shed light in the darkness of a hostile world.

Attendees will be able Enjoy this job, 8pm, today and tomorrow. Director Eusebio Calonge will capitalize on his trip to the city to pPresenting “Valent Repetitions of Oblivion. A Collective Dramatic Work (1992-2022)”, Where the idea of ​​theater converges with the idea of ​​the world and life.

The playwright has been collecting writing together for thirty years. In his words, these were years of “To navigate light and dark, words and silence in the same puzzle”. The edition, to be presented this weekend, captures and proves the fruits of these years of walking in the face of the demise of the stage actor. It is no coincidence that the author calls his preface “Prepare the absence.” However, in all of La Zaranda’s work there has always been something of a farewell.