January 19, 2022

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And in Mexico?  New Zealand and Canadian officials resign for traveling to coast amid epidemic - El Financiro

And in Mexico? New Zealand and Canadian officials resign for traveling to coast amid epidemic – El Financiro

Pictures of the Assistant Secretary of Health Prevention, Hugo Lopez-Cadell, Vacation at Oaxaca Beach, They caused Anger And criticisms on social networks of the person responsible for leading the strategy against it Covit-19 International Distribution In Mexico.

Lopez-Cadell He confirmed in a lecture on Monday evening that he was there for the New Year weekend Pochutla area, Oaxaca Beach, for family and friends to visit.

Netizens, however, reminded the officer Resignation of public servants from New Zealand and Canada, Who admitted to making a mistake while traveling to the beach while the corona virus infection was still going on.

David Clark, தி New Zealand Minister of Health, Left office in July 2020 after being criticized for coming on vacation. The officer admitted violating the isolation to go to the beach with his family.

At the time, Clark explained that continuing in his role was a distraction from the government’s response to the epidemic. He commented that he would accept full responsibility himself. “I’m decided, I’m good to step aside.” Explained.

Jan. 2, The Minister of Finance of Ontario, Rod Phillips, He resigned after discovering he was having a secret vacation on a luxurious Caribbean island, while the COVID-19 epidemic was spreading in the province.

“Today (January 2), following my conversation with Rod Phillips, I accepted his resignation from the post of Ontario Finance Minister,” Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford said in a statement.

“At a time when the people of Ontario have made so many sacrifices, today’s resignation is a testament to the seriousness with which our government takes our commitment to bring us up to the highest standards,” he said.

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There was also public anger over Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford, who, despite publicly condemning Phillips’ decision, said it was clear Ford knew about the holiday two weeks ago.

When he arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport on December 31st, Phillips called his trip a “chilli mistake”.