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Anna Mina proves herself a pop princess with her gleaming bathroom in DC

Anna Mina proves herself a pop princess with her gleaming bathroom in DC

In the city of Madrid

The artist is from Malaga I am Mina He conquered Madrid with a tour melodrama, An album born from the sweetness of heartbreak that shines wherever it goes. The singer stopped at the WiZink Center for which she performed run out On his lonely night in the capital.

26 winters, 48 ​​platinum, three golds, one diamond, and the entire capital at his feet.

Madrid has welcomed it with open arms Belodrama tour to I am Minathe album tour with which the woman from Malaga managed to establish herself as The great pop princess In her native country, Spain, she turned her back on her for many years, forcing the artist to constantly reinvent herself and try her luck in Italy, her second home.

The artist gave a brilliant lesson in light music in her first time at the WiZink Centre, which she dominated as if it were hers forever, showering the audience with sparkles. 17,000 spectators Who were impatiently waiting to hear all their songs, without being able to control their turbulent pulse.

Dressed in tight, transparent and shiny outfits, the indomitable Anna Mena imposed herself on the capital’s stage with her most nostalgic songs like It was time, it was lit also traditional; He removed all possible emotions with Red dawn From the heights of the hammock, the temperature rose to the rhythm of bachata A million moons.

Nor is this number from Sad singerwhich was kept in mind throughout the creative process Belodrama– his most personal album – which we see reflected in songs like Slowly, I fell in love, baby and crying at the disco; Although he hasn’t forgotten his more celebratory and powerful side 12 hoursWhere she became the modern Cinderella.

“I’ve dreamed of this night all my life”

Dreams come true even for stars like Anna Mena. From his sincere humilityShe seemed visibly excited and thanked everyone present between songs for helping her achieve her dream, which she fought for with all her might throughout her life:

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“I’m so grateful and so excited for what we’re going to experience tonight. For me and my family, this is priceless. I don’t know if you all know what it means to visualize something for a long time, or to have it in your mind, to keep it in mind, and I’ve visualized in every tiny little scenario.” And small, medium and more or less sized, which I envisioned tonight here with you today. For me, it’s very, very powerful, I’ve dreamed of this night all my life, and I’m sure it will be magical“, He expressed.

“Music is always there to accompany you”

The singer also launched an appeal for Music as company and therapy In moments of madness, joy, sadness or loneliness.

Sometimes you cry from sadness, sometimes you cry from joy, but music is always there to accompany you. Songs change, artists change, but there’s always a song that sounds like it was made for you, and I have to admit that I’m partly proud of Belodrama, because I think everyone can recognize their songs.“, the artist reflected on this album that was born from the sweetness of heartbreak.

Madrid City, an ode to urban love

Madrid is the hero of many songs that have gone down in history, and it was The last song scene For the Andalusian singer who has not yet officially released.

Anna Minna sings for summer love in Madrid citya song that he presented at the Arenal Sound Festival in August and which he promised to bring definitively at his concert in the capital – not only for obvious reasons – but also because of the good reception that the demo received live and on social networks.

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“Madrid has always been a city that welcomed me from day one and I wanted to dedicate a song like this to it, but I need Wiezinc to fall,” the woman from Malaga said before singing this futuristic song. It will be out in two or three weeksHe also confirmed.

Anna’s fans gave themselves body and soul to this song and, to the singer’s surprise, sang the chorus along with her.

Rocco Hunt, Omar Montes and Abraham Mateo, three big surprises

At such a special party in an artist’s career, some posh guests couldn’t be missing.

Rocco HuntThe first surprise that night was Direct from ItalyHe did not miss the first appearance of his partner and friend Anna Mina at the WiZink Center. The Italians and Malagueñas had the entire stadium dancing with them – including the staff and press One step away from the moon And A surprise kiss.

He followed flamenco Omar Monteswhich runs in his clips Just And he did not succeed in distorting the performance of the great artist, who shone with the light of a million stars.

which could not be missed in any way it wasAbraham MatthewHis great friend for days What a nightwhich He wowed the audience When he showed up to sing I want to tell you With her lifelong friend. And bid farewell to the Cadiz man with a warm embrace that touched the hearts of the fans.

Amidst scraps of paper and fire, and surrounded by her family, friends, and work team, the artist bid farewell to the capital, holding a bouquet of roses in her hand, embracing her mother, and in her eyes a sparkle that only those who struggled hard possess. Achieving what they dreamed of.

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