July 5, 2022

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Anwar Benno vs Marta Benat: Survivors 2022 lives his most commented final expulsion |  Film and Television

Anwar Benno vs Marta Benat: Survivors 2022 lives his most commented final expulsion | Film and Television

Origin Honduras connectionAnd with it the final expulsion of Survivors 2022 Most feared by far. make palapa kick out Anwar Bino Departure to Playa Paraíso with Martha Benati, both are program parasites; And therefore , He states that one of them will end up permanently leaving the reality show under the Aeon Aramende ad.

All of the previous participant in The island of temptations Like Asraf’s brother, they knew very well that since they were at the beach one of them was counting the hours, and on a Sunday night the long-awaited moment had come. To mitigate the drama, Both received a visit from Tony Spina, Martha’s friend

Predictably, the survivors and “Ghost of the Past” waited for the presenter’s countdown to see who would return to Spain once and for all. without much delay, Aramandi told him:

Anwar Bino is the new finalist kicked out of the survivors, Or what is the same, the last rider to leave Honduras and not continue to compete. He takes the witness from Tanya Medina, who also lost her spot on the show after the audience preferred Marta Peñat over her.

Brother of Isabel Pantoga’s daughter friend – which is an address already in itself – he has not been so lucky, Although, it was already something that many expected after his nomination. He managed to endure so long without being proposed to be expelled, but the first time his teammates gathered the votes needed to be one of the four candidates was enough to end his expulsion from Palapa.

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After Marta captivated audiences in expulsions as Daisy or Tanya, and recounted public discontent with Anwar, His first foot in Playa Paraiso has already been counted as the facts of a reported expulsion. What is more, if we take into account that the vote was negative, that is, the audience decided which one to give up on the competition for sure.

His departure from the show

That Ion Aramandi said his name didn’t surprise him either, So he quickly became comfortable with his partner and assumed what was voted on by the public. The man from Fuenlabrada has at times admitted that his existence was his dream, although in recent weeks he has come to cry alive because of the hunger he was going through.

However, the presenter allowed him to speak with his brother to ease the tension for the time being. and congratulated him for his lavishness, Not without his first warning that he caused strange controversy. Fortunately for him, everything indicates that he will not be fully aware of the matter until he regains control of his social networks.