October 26, 2021

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Arcane: History and the first trailer for the League of Legends animated series

Arcane: History and the first trailer for the League of Legends animated series

Riot Games Announced during the event Netflix Todom The date of publication from League of Legends: Arcane, the animated series based on the popular MOBA, which after twelve years made a leap in the world of audiovisual entertainment. On the occasion of this news, the North American giant presented a file first trailer From the series, based on the same Runeterra universe we already knew. This will be her world premiere November 7 employment Netflix.

League of Legends: Arcane premieres November 7 on Netflix

League of Legends: Arcane will be split into Three great works of three chapters, each of nine episodes. The first three seasons will focus on the beginnings of the two main sisters, Vi and Jinx, on November 7. From there, chapter two will arrive days later, and, respectively, chapter three.

What will League of Legends: Arcane be like? Details and data first.

Arcane is aimed at fans of League of Legends and the anime series in general; A proposal that would deepen the complex balance between a rich city Beltoffer And the area is much less capable ZONE. What they call the “City of Progress,” for many, is the Mother City. It is not surprising that the establishment Hextech – The way anyone can control magical energy – this balance is compromised.

League of Legends: Arcane

Christian Link, one of the founders of Arcane, explained his creative vision on the occasion of the announcement: “When we started producing Arcane, we knew we had Something very special about the story between Jinx and Vi“He begins with a narration.”We wanted to explore the idea of ​​what we can do for the family, what values ​​are at risk and what conflict is being tolerated. The story, along with the hand-drawn illustration style and character animation we created in collaboration with Fortich Animation StudioIt will provide players with a rich view of the League of Legends world.”

In the series, we will see familiar faces like jinxAnd weAnd Jess And CaitlinDuring the episodes, the events that made these heroes legends in the world of Runeterra will take place. We will also meet new faces, like Vander And Silko, the inhabitants of Zoun, whose role in history is essential. “Ambiguous is the story of duality. The characters are divided between two parts of the city with opposite but complementary values ​​and opportunities. Each one with its strengths and weaknesses. You may be the hero in your story, but the villain in someone else’s story,” he explains. Alex Ye, cocreador de Arcan.

League of Legends: Arcane

“The launch of Arcane is the beginning of the next chapter of Riot”

Nicolo LaurentRiot Games CEO, celebrates with optimism the launch of League of Legends: Arcane on November 7 on Netflix. “Players around the world love League of Legends and what it is. His passion is what inspires us to create new content around Runeterra. The release of Arcane is the start of the next chapter for Riot, and we can’t wait for players to see what we have in store for them through games, entertainment and sports.”

Voice actors around the world and in Castilian Arcane

English dubbing actors

  • We – Hailee Steinfeld
  • Caitlin – Katie Leung
  • Jace – Kevin Alejandro
  • Silko – Jason List
  • Jenks – Ella Purnell
  • Mile – Tox Olagundoye
  • Vander – JB White
  • Victor – Harry Lloyd

Castilian dubbing

  • Sixth – Adelaide Lopez
  • Kaitlyn – Neri Haldi
  • Jace – Michelle Tigrina
  • Silko – Ivan Moilas
  • Jinx – Isatxa Mengíbar
  • Mel – Yolanda Matthews
  • Vander – Juan Arroyo
  • Victor – Rafael Romero

source | Official press release

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