May 23, 2022

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Armengol is left without assistants available to the health district after the 1700s are shot for not knowing Catalan

Armengol is left without assistants available to the health district after the 1700s are shot for not knowing Catalan

The Ministry of Health in the Balearic Government headed by the Socialist Franchina Armingol Available helpers ran out after the list of periods was exhausted After 1,700 applicants for these jobs were expelled for not having a Catalan certificate. Now, in the face of the emergency, the Ministry of Health has no choice but to expand the range of periods, but it does so by demanding the Catalan certificate again, which predicts further problems in filling all the vacancies.

As revealed by OKDIARIO on March 3, in a resolution of the IB-Salut General Manager, Julia Fostersigned on February 23 this year, lists of those admitted to be part of these temporary groups appeared and nearly 1,700 candidates were disqualified, 1692 specifically, for not providing an address confirming knowledge of the Catalan language.

The list of applicants who submitted the Catalan certificate is already exhausted And the Ministry of Health, which chairs Patricia Gomez The (PSOE) decided to resort to the so-called sub-list, i.e. the list of alternatives, where B-1 level in Catalan is also required.

On this occasion, no exceptions were made despite the lack of cadres, as it did recently to fill nursing positions. In the face of the health crisis in the islands, caused by the covid-19 pandemic, the health service decided, as stated in a decision issued on January 11, to exempt Catalonia’s application for a job as a nurse.

Then it was an arbitrary decision by the Ministry of Health since then The government made up of PSOE, Podemos and independent of Més generally applies the law passed by the previous charter in 2016, and corresponding decrees, which establish knowledge of Catalan as a requirement To get to a place in the regional administration.

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The other, more recent exception refers to positions of specialist doctors for which a Catalan degree is not required. Because of the severe difficulties faced by the Ministry of Health in obtaining professionals. The situation is critical in Ibiza where for years the demand for Catalans has, among other conditions, left cancer patients without enough oncologists to receive care and follow prescribed treatments.

Of the five oncologists who should be at Can Mises Hospital in Ibiza, there are now only two, and one of them is considering a change of destination. in this situation, Cancer patients in Formentera are already left without an oncologist and have no choice but to travel to Ibiza.

Health’s emergency solution was to move oncologists from public hospitals in Majorca to Ibiza for a few days a week. This solution means more workload for specialists. Besides, there are complaints from patients who are used to being treated by the same specialist and not having a different case at each visit.

Faced with this desperate situation, as described by the Federation of Balearic Doctors, the government of Armangole no longer requires oncologists to speak Catalan, although seeing as it has been seen, this measure is overdue.

The demand for Catalan causes one problem after another for the Ministry of Health, although as a rule it is reluctant to modify or breach its own regulations. On September 29, OKBALEARES revealed that Armengol’s executive authority has decided to exclude 2,600 applicants for a place in hospitals and health centers in the Balearic Islands for not having certified knowledge of Catalan. On that occasion, there were 12 nurses in the emergency room, 2,500 caregivers and about 40 social workers and oral health experts.

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