August 16, 2022

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Artern chooses a woman to be foreign minister

Artern chooses a woman to be foreign minister

“Incredibly Different”, Which is new Government Of the re-elected Prime Minister New Zealand, Jacintha Artern, Which is at the forefront of the country’s diplomacy More girl And number two two are obviously homosexual.

Nana Mahuda New Minister From External relations From New Zealand, First lady மரி ரி, Winston Peters, after taking over from Maori, will hold the position of aboriginal people, representing 15% of the country’s population.

They represent the New Zealand of their choice. “

Jacintha ArternPrime Minister of New Zealand

Four years ago, Mahuta became the first MP to wear it Moko Cave, A chin tattoo reserved for women of Maori culture.

But her political career is more than a trademark, she first took a seat in parliament, after which she led several portfolios, including the Minister of Local Government and Maori Development.

New Zealand Prime Minister (right) Jacinta Artern with Mahuda in the February 2020 file photo

Bianca de Marchi / AFP

Debt-Allen, a Maori TV presenter, celebrates Debbie-Allen, a political journalist, with reports that “the first face people see is someone who speaks, looks and sounds like a moron.” CNN . “Face New Zealand This Domestic“, The commentator stressed, adding that Mahouta’s wearing a Moko Cave is truly empowering.

Prime Minister Artern expressed his pride Diversity His team: “This one Government It combines many talents, but incredibly different, “said the New Zealand leader.” They reflect New Zealand Who chose them. This is something we should be proud of as a country, ”Labor said as he presented his new 20-member cabinet, where women and the Maori community are strongly represented.

The face of New Zealand is indigenous “

Rukuvai Dipin-AllenMaori TV political journalist

However, Artern insisted on it Appointments They were made on the basis of merit: “It is necessary to emphasize that these are persons appointed to contribute to the government.”

Accordingly, new Parliament New Zealand also gets credit for being the best Diversity. Nearly half of the country’s legislators will be women, a percentage significantly higher than the world average of 25%.

Ardern, who led the Labor Party to an absolute majority in the October 17 election, told a news conference that he was highlighting the economic recovery after the Govt-19 epidemic and the continued health response to the coronavirus. Internationally acclaimed.

New Zealand Finance Minister Grant Robertson speaks during a Labor Party rally in Wellington, New Zealand on Sunday, October 11, 2020.  The national election is being held on October 17, and the referendum will be held despite Ardens' failure to deliver on key promises such as a left-leaning Labor Party, the collapsed economy and the Ardens housing crisis and the recovery of children from poverty.  Photographer: Mark Goode / Bloomberg

Grand Robertson becomes New Zealand’s first deputy prime minister of outright homosexuality

Mark Goode / Bloomberg LP Limited Partnership

Mahuda is not the only name making history. The executive chairman was elected deputy prime minister Grand RobertsonWho is the first outspoken homosexual to hold an important No. 2 position in government, especially when he is abroad responsible for changing the CEO. Similarly, the heavyweight Robertson of the previous cabinet will hold the post of key infrastructure finance minister for economic recovery.

When asked about the importance of appointing a homosexual to second place, Ardern replied that he was selected for his leadership skills, but not because of his sexual orientation.

According to preliminary results, Order’s center-left Labor party was re-elected by a landslide with 49.1% of the vote. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about 64 of the 120 seats up for grabs.

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