May 17, 2022

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Progressive organizations call for end to UN missions in Haiti

October 15, 2021, 10:56 pmPORT-AU-PRINCE, Oct. 15 (Prince Latina) Progressive organizations called here today for an end to the United Nations missions in Haiti, while in New York the continuation of the international organization in the country is being discussed.

The Freedom Movement for Equality and Fraternity (Moleghaf), Konbit òganizasyon politik ak popilè yo (Union of Political and People’s Organizations), Nu Si Dorval (We Dorval) and Movman Mas Revolution (Revolutionary Mass Movement) have criticized the establishment of more than 15 years of UN missions , led by the United States.

For Iswick Théophin, of the Moleghaf platform, the United Nations Office in Haiti (Binuh, acronym in French) is a “killer project for the Haitian people.”

He replaced Noah with a mission to support justice that concluded in October 2019 and this mission for pacification, which arrived on the Caribbean island in 2004.

According to these organizations, in the past 17 years, insecurity, crime and poverty have only increased, while the armed gangs that now dominate large areas of the capital and other departments have increased in number and capacity.

Despite the rejection, the UN Security Council extended Albino for another nine months, after measuring forces between the United States and Washington and just hours after his mandate expired.

The extension comes at a time when Haiti is mired in violence and instability exacerbated by the July 7 assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

In the new period, his sons should promote political stability and good governance, as well as support the national police and favor a fair and transparent electoral process.

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Some experts point out the poor results of these missions in nearly two decades, while billions of dollars have been invested that could help the country’s development.

The introduction of cholera, rape, sexual harassment, abandoned children and others are among the darkest chapters of the United Nations in Haiti.