May 18, 2024

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Aston Martin inherits the latest Mercedes cars

Aston Martin inherits the latest Mercedes cars

It seems that Mercedes does not want to start in 2023, remembering the past two years. Or being outdone by its engine customers, McLaren and Aston Martin, so the W15's design will be innovative compared to the previous two cars.

Allison denies Elliott's floating designsAccording to leaks from Motorsport Italia, The cabin will move back Lewis Hamilton will no longer have the feeling of being out of the front wheels as he once said.

Something Aston Martin doesn't have to emulate, but it does He would inherit the new gearbox, as Brixworth decided to shorten the transfer case, which was the longest on the grill, and had a more conical rear area, moving the radiator ports away from the front wheels. They also hope to combat vehicle bounce, or persistent “porpoises” that have not yet been completely eliminated at high speeds.

The show is on February 12th

The AMR24 will be seen in public on February 12 One day ahead of Ferrari and also shortly before Mercedes, McLaren and Red Bull, which has yet to confirm ownership. Starting February 21, with the first and only preparatory tests in Bahrain, we will see who got it right or, as expected, if convergence in performance by following stable technical regulations becomes a reality and the differences narrow.

Improvement numbers coming from many leading teams, According to simulation data, the time takes half a second per lap, Although it remains to be seen what Red Bull can improve with the RB20 to maintain the massive advantage this season.

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specific At Aston Martin, a significant improvement has also been achieved once again, Like last season, with important changes that are not visible in the car at first glance.