December 1, 2021

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At AMLO meetings in Washington “something better than best case scenario achieved”: Esteban Moctezuma

At AMLO meetings in Washington “something better than best case scenario achieved”: Esteban Moctezuma

Esteban Moctezuma BarrajanAmbassador Mexico employment United State, summed up in one sentence four meetings What did the president say? Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador employment Washington DC: to understand to achieve a North Amarica Competitive and with values.

In an interview with Joaquin Lopez Doriga employment Formula RadioAnd Moctezuma Barragan Give a summary of what Lopez Obrador did in North American Leaders SummitWhere the Mexican president meets his American counterpart Joe Biden The Canadian Prime Minister Justin TrudeauIn addition to the US Vice President, Kamala Harris.

I think that in the four meetings I would venture to say that in all cases something better than the best-case scenario was achieved. It was very positive meetings where concrete agreements were reached and there were understandings.

What word describes the four meetings of President Lopez Obrador? I would say with understanding, there has already been a conversation that has flowed beyond what was already on the agenda toward working for North America not only competitive but with human values ​​to achieve balanced development,” he noted.

“There was no talk of egalitarian growth, but rather of equitable growth, which is a more socially balanced concept, especially since every nation in North America contributes what it has to do. It is more than a competition between three nations, it is an integration to make a region Very competitive and humane.”

Moctezuma Barragan Confirmed that the president Biden Congratulation Lopez Obrador for his fight against corruption, one of the main banners since taking office Mexico government In December 2018.

President Biden congratulated President Lopez Obrador in his fight against corruption, which goes to the end of many problems and helps to have a society in which the values ​​and rules of the game can be preserved in an equitable manner. When I talk about democracy and shared values, I saw President Biden’s message in that meeting very positive, because it’s already starting to appear all over the world that Mexico is starting to beat that all over the world they have had a very negative image of us. He said.

The former president of Secretary of Public Education (September) mentioned that immigration and health emergencies for COVID-19 They were the topics discussed at the meetings, in which there was important progress in their interest.

“What I can say is that immigration has a way of directing and directing, that is when orderly and safe immigration is sought. One of the issues we see is the promotion of temporary visas. Most people who come to the United States are going to work and earn an income and not necessarily live in the United States.”

“In the meetings there was talk of preparing for the next pandemic. All the scientists are talking about that it is a problem that will happen again and you have to be prepared. Part of that integration is being prepared with equipment, doctors and technology to confront these threats to health.”

President Biden has already publicly commented that the pill that will serve as a vaccine against COVID-19 has already appeared, and certainly in the first months of next year, this pill will appear, which will be much easier to distribute than vaccines. He concluded that this is progress that will greatly help the world.”

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