May 20, 2024

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At Casa de las Americas, a renewed encounter with the works of Frank Delgado (+photos)

At Casa de las Americas, a renewed encounter with the works of Frank Delgado (+photos)

Given the magnitude of his words, the famous troubadour gave a luxurious concert the day before at the cultural institution in the capital, the space he chose to begin celebrations marking 45 years of his artistic life.

In an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina, the translator expressed her gratitude for the public’s reception and described the human warmth of the place as important.

It was a night to remember those melodies that characterized more than one generation, and also to reunite with old and new feelings, since 2012 the artist has not appeared at Casa de las Américas.

He said that on this stage he played everything that was worthy and brilliant in the new Latin American song, and that this was the place to do it, like a pilgrimage to be made from time to time.

There, he performed songs from several albums with other artists such as Adrian Perazin, Eric Sanchez and Vicente Trigo, and also took the opportunity to reminisce about his artistic work, in keeping with the friendliness that characterizes him.

It's okay for friends to join spontaneously, without much preliminaries. This was what I wanted, he meant.

On July 29, Delgado will celebrate the 45th anniversary of his artistic career, and to celebrate this date, he intends to give a concert in Almendares Park in this capital, a place that has embraced his musical works since the early years of his career.

Frank Delgado belonged to the movement known as La Nueva Trova along with prominent figures of his generation such as Santiago Filho, Carlos Varela and Gerardo Alfonso.

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His tune has conquered thousands of hearts in his country of origin and on stages in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Silvio Rodriguez, Luis Eduardo Oti, Daniel Viglietti, Juan Carlos Baglieto and Vito Baez are some of the artists with whom the beloved singer-songwriter has shared the stage.