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How much will iota cryptocurrency cost on april 13?

How much will iota cryptocurrency cost on april 13?

IOTA is not based on blockchain like other cryptocurrencies, but on the Tangle architecture that aims to integrate digital currencies into the Internet of Things. (information)

IOTA is a cryptocurrency that stands out from the crowd It has the basis of its operation in a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) with a structure called a Tangle, while the most famous ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum do it through the blockchain.

This cryptocurrency, also known as MIOTA, is designed to be used as a means of payment with unlimited scalability (transactions) and across all devices that are part of The Internet of things No additional fees.

Unlike blockchain, in this new scheme both records or users It has a unique timestamp and must undergo a cryptographic signature of 81 charactersLikewise, every transaction is done through this private key, which contains details such as sender, recipient, and amount.

The main characteristics of IOTA are: it has no scalability limits, so unlimited transactions can be made; The system adapts to usage and popularity without being too volatile; It does not require mining or miners. It has no additional fees for trading.

According to information from Binance, this digital currency currently has 3.21 billion units created.

Quote atom for Today at 10:30 AM (UTC) its price is $0.254265Which means that the cryptocurrency has changed -18.38% in the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, it recorded a change of 1.38% compared to its value an hour ago. As for him popularityIt is located at position number 101.

The digital currency, created by a German foundation, uses or The architecture is called tangle He focused on the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) which has the advantage, among other things, of being friendlier, as transactions can be performed with just a mobile phone and a computer, while not consuming as much energy as a blockchain network.

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Moreover, these operations can be performed by users who work with IOTA and there are no commissions on the operations because its users must perform other transactions before realizing their own transactions.

IOTA technology ensures that users of this cryptocurrency have a more reliable environment than the one that a blockchain network can provide, because the latter allows transactions to be carried out asynchronously, regulated and slowly for security reasons; While Tangle allows parallel operations.

The maximum supply that IOTA has is 2 thousand 779 million 350 thousand 283 tokens and The goal is to make microtransactions Up to $0.001 without having to pay a payment processing fee. In each transaction, a “seed” is required, which is a randomly generated 81-character code that prevents the theft of funds.

One of its advantages is its resistance to quantum computing, which is millions of times faster than what is known today. However, one of its weaknesses is security, as in 2017 it faced a hack that caused a drop in its price and a loss in transaction volume.

Cryptocurrency is a digital medium An exchange that does not exist physically and uses cryptographic encryption to ensure the integrity of its operations, while maintaining control over the creation of its new units.

Physical representations of various digital currencies (Reuters/Banco Santander)

Bitcoin was the first currency to be launched in the market, then it was followed by other currencies that were also of great importance such as litecoin, ethereum, IOTA, Tether, Cash, Ripple, Decentraland, and even some that emerged from memes like dogecoin.

Cryptocurrencies have several factors that make them unique: they are not controlled by any institution; No need for third parties in transactions; And Always use blockchain To prevent the illegal creation of new cryptocurrencies or modification of transactions that have already been made.

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However, since there are no regulatory bodies such as a central bank or similar entities, they are clearly identified as Unreliability, volatility, promoting fraud, lack of a legal framework that supports its users, and allowing the operation of illegal activities, among others.

Although it may be a paradox, cryptocurrencies at the same time guarantee security to miners regarding the network they are in (the network) which includes code management; Breaking this security is possible, but it is not easy to achieve, because whoever tries to do so must have greater computing power than even Google itself.

You can get and exchange them Through specialized portals. Its value varies according to supply, demand, and user commitment, so it can change faster than traditional money, but the more people care and want to buy a particular currency, the higher its price.

An ATM to buy cryptocurrencies. (EFE/EPA/Justin Lin/File)

However, whoever invests in this type of digital asset should be very clear that this model It brings with it high risks to capitalWell, just as it can have a surge, it can also crash unexpectedly and wipe out its users' savings.

To store it, users must have a file Digital wallet or walletIt is, in fact, a program through which cryptocurrencies can be saved, sent and dealt with. In fact, this type of wallet only stores the keys that indicate a person's ownership and right to a particular cryptocurrency, so it is these tokens that actually need to be protected.