July 5, 2022

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At COFESA, Health Recognizes the Seven Hospitals That Purchased Most Organs and Tissue During 2021

At COFESA, Health Recognizes the Seven Hospitals That Purchased Most Organs and Tissue During 2021

The country’s Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, and President of the National Unified Central Coordination Institute for Resection and Transplantation (INCUCAI), Carlos Sorrati, today presented under the Federal Council of Health (COFESA) an appreciation for hospitals that purchased more organs and tissues last year. Thus, the authorities of the Bicentennial Hospital (Esteban Echeverría), the Central Hospital (Mendoza), the General Hospital San Martin (Corientes), the Hospital Ángel Cruz Padilla (Tucumán), the Emergency Hospital “Dr. Clemente Álvarez (Santa Fe) and the Madariaga Hospital ( Misiones) and SAMIC Eldorado Hospital (Misiones) panels for the work done.

Vizzotti highlighted “the voluntary, supportive and altruistic nature of donation and the role of the state in ensuring equal access, regardless of where and what conditions people live in.”

The minister indicated that this honor aims to value the work of the centers that “implement the challenge in a difficult family time, where it is difficult to manage the procedures for purchasing organs and tissues.” He then added that “with the donors and the institutions doing the transplants, they are the three primary connections.”

Additionally, Vizzotti reported that in 2021, the jurisdictions with the highest donor rates per million inhabitants were Corrientes (30.1), Jujuy (24.4), Misiones (22), Mendoza (20.4) and Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (19.8), Tucumán (19.2), Santa Fe (17.4), Córdoba (16.8) and Neuquén (16.3), with an above-average number of donors per million citizens. Tierra del Fuego and Catamarca will be added to this list in 2022, the two provinces that have generated the most number of donors per million this year so far.

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The Minister also noted the jurisdictions that contributed the largest number of organ and tissue donors to the system in 2021, which were Buenos Aires Province (303), Misiones (98), Mendoza (96), Santa Fe (88) and Córdoba. (75).

For his part, Surati highlighted the importance of the topic of donation and organ transplantation within the framework of the COFESA meetings, as happened in the previous meetings, as “the fact that the highest national and regional authorities have put the topic on their agendas will give integration with the system in each province, between ministries and regional bodies and hospitals, which is a priority for the installation, sustainability and growth of donation and transplant programs.”

The goal of this recognition was to highlight the work and effort of the health system teams across the country, which during the pandemic have been able to keep the procurement of organs and tissues active, to continue offering a transplant opportunity for the benefit of thousands of people. People on the waiting list.

Hospital administrators, procurement coordinators, and those responsible for ablation and implantation organizations in jurisdictions participated in the delivery.