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At least 50 Miami Marine Police patrols stopped Vid Weandle’s concert: this is what happened

At least 50 Miami Marine Police patrols stopped Vid Weandle’s concert: this is what happened

What started as a music promotion on a boat, ended with the intervention of the authorities due to the heavy presence of fans on the river banks.

Successful Colombian artist Vid caused a stir in Miami, United States, when he invited his followers to a surprise concert on a boat. The event, which was held in Biscayne Bay and the Miami River, was stopped by marine police due to massive water movement resulting from the presence of dozens of boats and hundreds of boats. Fans On the banks of the river.

Ferixo himself, whose real name is Salomon Villada, announced on his social networks that he was in Miami, and invited his followers to join him in the march. “Who’s on the boat today in Miami, okay,” Albaiza posted in an Instagram Story. The call led to a convoy of large and small boats that followed Fayed across the water, accompanied by the famous Puerto Rican singer Yandel.

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In reality, This action was part of a promotional campaign for Pretendingtheir recently released joint EP and their single BrickellWhich coincided with a tour near Brickell Street and the bridge of the same name. During the trip, urban artists performed some songs live. The ships and fans stationed on the beaches, chanting the singer’s name and demanding more songs, caused an increase in water movement, which led to the intervention of the authorities.

The famous Colombian singer’s unexpected performance sparked a water riot in Biscayne Bay, with dozens of boats blocking traffic – Credit/Instagram

According to what the magazine quoted Yandell’s manager Andy Martinez painting“Unfortunately The marine police patrol asked us not to continue the sound along the entire road, due to the complete collapse of trafficWithin seconds, more than 50 patrols tried to control the fans who were following the singers’ yacht.

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The businessman added that “the plan was to cross the bridge and sing the entire album,” but they were only able to play three songs before the impromptu concert stopped. Likewise, it was highlighted that, according to the photos published by the citizen on his Instagram account, the authorities were present at the site in order to prevent fans from boarding the yacht they were on.

On the other hand, before this event in Miami, translator moon He celebrated his success with a presentation about the program The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In this TV space he was accompanied by Young Miko and they performed the song Offline onlinethus continuing to strengthen his international career.

Pictures and videos are spread on social media, taken by followers who were able to momentarily enjoy the sudden event that ended in chaos. Despite this mishap, the strategy was successful and the duo was able to put on a short but great show: “Miami, how crazy. What a blast, what moments, what special love. Thank you, thank you,” Ferxxo highlighted on his social networks.

The artist’s call announced on social media led to a loud meeting with his followers in the waters of Miami, which prompted the police to intervene

The event sparked a divided response between followers and critics of Vid and Yandel, leaving comments such as the following: “Okay, but I can sing Brickell Or not”; “Anuel sent the police”; “This is what the crowd that went to see Vid and Yandel will be like”; “They protect them”; “You can’t just do what you want. There are rules and laws for safety and respect. “They should have gotten a permit first.”

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It should be noted that with regard to the permissions mentioned by some netizens, Yandle’s technical representative confirmed to the aforementioned media that Feid’s team had everything under control and that “all permits were obtained in advance from the Coast Guard and everything was very on schedule.”