July 1, 2022

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Atalanta - Villarreal en directo: Champions League, hoy, en vivo

Atalanta – Villarreal, postponed due to snow: Champions League, live broadcast

Step or go back to the starting square

In northern Italy, under the ice and with a bag full of doubts, Villarreal will decide his future. Immediate and little (or a lot). The team led by Unai Emery, having reached its highest historical level with the European League, You can take another step towards the greats. Or go back to the start box. Something very painful started with the game. Perhaps at one of its inflection points.

Because of the economic situation and the quality of football, Villarreal is A couple of good plays to move on to the next step. Healthy accounts, players at their best moments and promises with plenty of current and high cache on the market. If you have to put all the necessary conditions in a shaker To transfer a club to the elite, none of the three previous components will be lacking.

They know in Bergamo. The characteristics of Gasperini, with the peculiarities of each context, are in a similar process. Somewhat more advanced in stages. In their record, “only” one Italian Cup lives, but in recent years they have become an unwanted team. One of those potential crosses that plagues any giant. Third place in Seria A in three consecutive seasons, quarter-finals in the last two editions of the Champions League…

Two aspirants to be among the European aristocracy. They have a solid athletic physique, hunger and enthusiasm, But the economic part, as in life itself, is necessary. Going to the next round means that the two teams will receive an additional nine million euros. a big imposition. Another incentive to shake up the cocktail for that final touch. The one who usually brings the blessing. There they are. / Photo: Villarreal CF