July 2, 2022

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Atlas Copco, Improving Customer Satisfaction Through Digital Transformation

Atlas Copco, Improving Customer Satisfaction Through Digital Transformation

in Atlas Copco They are leaders in sectors as diverse as construction, industry or mining. With over 150 years of experience, it is an internationally recognized company with a presence in more than 90 countries. Among other commercial and production activities, they manufacture sustainable solutions for electrical storage, generator sets, light towers, compressed air solutions and bilge pumps. In addition, they have exceptional after-sales service and one for industrial machinery rental.

Their daily work with technology makes them fully aware of the digitization of their operations, a measure that has helped them improve the efficiency of their production plant located in the city of Zaragoza in Moel, to facilitate worker tasks and growth in sustainability. They started in 2018 with small concept tests, and little by little, they expanded into a fully digital company.

Having digitization as one of its cornerstones means that the entire Atlas Copco workforce is involved in the future of this issue. The cooperation of workers was instrumental in the development of LineAp, a system that allows you to monitor the traceability of your products, as well as increase control over your processes and control points during production. The user experience allowed the implementation of fixed stations by entering mobile devices and QR codes to monitor the status of each production line at all times.

Thanks to this tool, paper has been eliminated and workers have been able to get all the information they need in digital form.

solution decided Implementation for both computers and mobile devices. Thanks to this, workers’ hands are freed during the assembly process of generators, light towers or electric pumps.

LineAp offers digitization of the production process.
Atlas Copco

The customers satisfaction is key wisdom at Atlas Copco, and digitization has been its great ally. To improve the in and out movement of its facilities in Muel, they have implemented Logistics Management Application System (Lomap). It covers the entry and dispatch of components and final solutions, and is responsible for sending information regarding the status of orders to its business centres. In this way, the status of shipments is known at all times and officials can inform the parties involved, making the customer experience greatly improved.

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thus Send real-time information via email In addition, the customer can access a dedicated website, and access images of the truckload or data of the company delivering the goods to the destination.

Lomap and LineAp are interrelated, which ensures control over and traceability of its products. All of these initiatives and projects are designed and developed in-house by people from the organization, with support from external companies and with the full support of the Atlas Copco Group. Like solutions in the IoT field, Lomap and LineAp have the assurance of a leading suite.

The Internet of things

Technology is increasingly advancing and opening doors to new applications. This is the case of Fleet Linkwhich was implemented by Atlas Copco in its facilities to improve the service it provides.

The main objective is to increase the efficiency of customer service after sales, anticipating their “inventory” and maintenance needs, with a better response time. also, It will facilitate the process of cross-selling or “cross-selling” thanks to the increased satisfaction.

In terms of machinery performance, Fleetlink, by utilizing the value of information it receives in real time, allows to improve the performance and efficiency of machinery in its operations. This, in turn, has an impact on the profitability perceived by the customer.

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