July 2, 2022

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Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, and Avatar 5 release dates

Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, and Avatar 5 release dates

with the Avatar: Water Sensation Trailer Just released, everyone is waiting for the release date of this sequel, but we must not forget about it James Cameron The following parts of the saga will be launched in a very continuous manner. Forget waiting another 10 years to see the third installment of Avatar.

Let’s do a simple file review Release dates for the next installments of Avatar. for a start, The first Avatar movie will be back in theaters this year.

symbol picture It will be re-released in theaters around the world on September 23which gave us enough space for us to remember the events of the movie and not stay in it that they were blue bugs that tied their braids as if they were UBS.


The first trailer for Avatar: The Sense of Water, the much-anticipated sequel to James Cameron.

We continue in 2022 to see The first part of Avatar, With Avatar: A Sense of Water opens in theaters December 16. Once again, we will witness a war between humans and the Na’vi, and we will meet the Sully family.

Set ten years after the first installment, the movie will take us to the watery places that promise to be one of its greatest attractions. It is also expected to Avatar: Water Sense 3D Passion Revivalwhich was gradually forgotten.

To see Avatar 3, we will only have to wait another two yearsbecause its release date has already been set for December 20 2024. We still don’t have details on this batch, but it will definitely start to surface as soon as it’s released. Avatar 2.

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Two years later he will come 4 .’s Avatarwith its scheduled release date December 18, 2026. finally, Avatar 5 The Avatar saga will close on December 22, 2028.