May 22, 2022

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Barcelona vs Mallorca |  LaLiga Espaola: Xavi surrenders to Javier Aguirre: "He's a great coach, he always performs outside of his teams"

Barcelona vs Mallorca | LaLiga Espaola: Xavi surrenders to Javier Aguirre: “He’s a great coach, he always performs outside of his teams”

Xavi Hernandez He analyzed a case Barcelona In the run-up to the match against Mallorca, corresponding to the 34th day of league It is disputed tomorrow Sunday in Camp Nou. Technician, who will present the list tomorrow, I submitted that Ansu Fati would have minutes And make sure that if it real madrid Champion declared his congratulations without problems because he achieves it because he deserved it.

the right side

“We’ll do the planning, we are. But there should be two players for every big position.”


“Tomorrow they won’t make a goal and they won’t stop it. Let’s focus on what we have.” We’ll talk about the other, there will be time.”

Riqui Puig

“He has more chances because of the losses. There are other options,” he added.


“Depending on who’s playing, there’s more capacity for one, you can also attack through spaces… We’ve repeated those automatics and habits this week. You have to stick to the idea.”


“I think if you hit 28 and don’t score, it’s not because of the game, but because of the effectiveness. There are games you have to win, like Rayo and Cdiz. We were not active. They had three and scored.”


“I prefer not to talk about next year. We must qualify for the Champions League. Adama helps us, he’s a different player. It is pure extremism. I am happy”.

final stretch

“I’m talking to the players, we have to take a step forward. Everyone. We have to make a team more than ever. We have to make a team more than ever and show character. It’s not because of misconduct. It is because of the situations that burden us. Fit early, not be effective … you have to get better. It’s time to bring it out and bring out the character. I have a winning team and that is the reality.”


“Aguirre always gets performance from his teams. He’s a great group manager. I do not know him. The system has changed, and the firmware is working fine…it has benefited from it. Win another greatness.”


“We are doing motivational challenges. If they score the first 20 minutes, they have an extra, if they don’t concede, if they win… That it will motivate them will also motivate them.”

come on

I will not change his feelings or his situation, for I have great respect and admiration for him. It’s very clogged and put in a lot of effort. It came at a difficult time. I feel the support of the club, Laporta, Jordi Cruyff… I feel the support of the club and the fans of Barcelona in general. It seems that we touched the switch, but suddenly there were three losses in a row. Now we have to see the coach and the players, it’s time to show our faces.”


“Yes, I see them excited. It’s a club made to win titles. You must have desire, faith, additional motivation … to achieve the minimum objective. The most desirable teams will enter the Champions League.”

real madrid

“If Real Madrid are the champions, we will congratulate them. They will be better because this is a long competition and usually the person who deserves it wins. We will congratulate him and next year on competing better.”


“Badri has been injured for two, three or four weeks. He has good feelings. Beko, let’s see the feelings. Sergey is not a relapse, it’s a muscle problem. Niko broke his toe in a clash with Ansu. it’s a shame. It’s football. We have two with Covid. Othman suffers from tonsillitis. The game is critical, whatever. You have to add up and see that this is a hole. You have to be in the Champions League.”

Frankie de Jong

“He has to score and make the difference. Obviously this change will frustrate him, but I have to look for the team. He’s played excellent matches, but he has to be consistent. It is able, by force, to reach the area. We had a very good one-on-one conversation. He had excellent matches. is to make a difference. There are few conditions for it globally. It is present and future.”


“It’s been a good week for us to work and get people back. And to cheer us up. Monday we were grumpy, Tuesday less and Wednesday we were really working. We’ve trained well and worked to get better. Here we get excited. We have another cursing. We need the three points, and we have to make a massive effort to qualify for the Champions League. We must make an effort. Our reality is that everything is final. We have to cover minimum goals as it is this season.”

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