May 23, 2022

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Zoi Sadowski-Synnott fue la mejor en  snowboard en los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno Beijing 2022

Beijing 2022 Games: New Zealand makes history on windy day | News

At this Sunday’s Winter Olympics in Beijing 2022, New Zealand made history by winning the first gold with the victory of Joy Sadovsky-Chinnot in the women’s slope style in the snowboard industry.

Despite New Zealand’s importance being snatched away, the men’s downhill final has been postponed to Monday, the queen event of alpine skiing and sports.

Sadovsky-Chinnot, who scored 92.88 points in her third and final attempt, overtook Julia Marino of the United States (87.68 points) and Des Cody (84.15) of the United States in full black.

The New Zealander won bronze at the Pyongyang 2018 Games four years ago at the age of just 16.

On New Zealand’s national holiday, the winner said, “I’m very proud to have shown what the Kiwis’ talent is.

“I know I can think of gold if I reach the race I’m thinking of. This is the best performance of my career,” Sadowski-Chinnot said, having won half of his country’s medals in just 24 games. In winter.

– Anderson’s failure –

Undefeated since entering the slope style (descent with tabs and metal barriers) at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, American Jamie Anderson, 31, finished ninth.

But this Sunday New Zealand is not the announced protagonist, but the winner of the men’s descent, which was postponed to Monday at 12:00 (04:00 GMT) local time after being canceled on Sunday due to wind.

Winds of up to 58km / h were forecast for early Sunday morning, with milder climates prevailing in the arid and rocky mountains, as on Saturday.

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Forecasts for Monday are very optimistic, with winds expected to reach 21 kmph and speeds of up to 40 kmph.

Norway’s down world number one Alexander Amot Gilde says, “When it takes a long day and 14 hours to make a decision, it is a waste of energy.

In the men’s Skytlan, which was expected to be Norway’s winner in what will be the small Scandinavian nation’s third gold in Beijing – 2022, the Russian doubles was awarded.

The fight between the two stars, Norwegian Johannes Hossflot Glabo and Russian Alexander Polshunov, won three silver and one bronze medal in Pyongyang 2018, reaching his first Olympic title in 25 years and clearly choosing the second.

Polshunov entered in front of his compatriots Denis Spitsov and Finn Ivo Niskanen.

Kleibo finished ninth, nine minutes behind the winner.

– Japan on the trampoline jump –

In casual springboard jumping, the victory went to Ryou Kobayashi, nicknamed the Japanese “Roy”, who became the third Japanese to reach the pinnacle of the Olympic stage in the sport at the age of 21.

In acrobatic skiing, the victory went to the Australian and most beloved Zakara Antony, in the Mughals specialty.

In speed skating, Dutch legend Sven Kramer, winner of the previous three Olympic titles in the 5,000 meters, had no surprise after finishing ninth in his distance.

The title went to Swedish Niles van der Boyle ahead of Dutch player Patrick Roast.

Germany’s Johannes Ludwig won gold in the men’s luge event in the final of the day.

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Ludwig reached his third Olympic medal of his career after winning bronze and gold in the team event at the Pyongyang 2018 Games four years ago.


Released: 6/2/2022