May 17, 2022

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Bentley achieved impressive sales results in 2021

Bentley achieved impressive sales results in 2021

The economic crisis is only for a few, and this can be verified by taking a look at Lamborghini sales, which broke all records for 2021 and also, for example, in sales of Bentley, which also broke last year’s records. Yes, it is true that last year was not a traditional year, and things were so complicated, that we still have many consequences, but nevertheless, sales of luxury cars rose much more than expected.

The general market, both in Spain and in Europe, has fallen dramatically and car sales are suffering from semiconductor shortages and economic problems for many families after a fateful year in 2020. But this, as we have said, is only for a few. The luxury segment has suffered far less devastation than other segments, and perhaps it’s no surprise that Lamborghini broke records thanks to the Urus, but Bentley’s act is another story.

Not less than 31% more than in 2020

Bentley managed to sell in 2021 at least 31% more than it did in 2020, specifically, 14,659 units were sold last year. Figures that, according to the brand, were made possible thanks to the renewal of the range and, above all, to the new electrified engines. New Bentley plug-in hybrids have seen great demand and serve as a gateway to full electrification for the brand by 2030.

According to Adrian Hallmark, Bentley President and CEO, “The reaction to the launch of the Bentayga Hybrid to the market and the expectations created by the Flying Spur Hybrid prove the path the luxury segment is going.”

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Bentayga took the biggest sales


You don’t have to think much, or even look at sales numbers, to know that the best-selling car is the Bentley Bentayga. The current market trend is centered around SUVs and the luxury segment, where the image affects more than any other segment, is the ideal market for these vehicles. Thus, Bentley sold a total of 5,800 Bentayga units globally.

The SUV accounts for 40% of Bentley’s sales, while the Flying Spur accounts for 27%. However, Bentley’s second best-selling model is the Continental GT, which accounts for 33% of production (60% for the coupe and 40% for the convertible). As in the case of Lamborghini, the most important market for Bentley is the United States, where 4,212 units have moved (39% more than in 2020). China follows closely, with 4,033 units, leaving the remaining 56% to the rest of the markets where the brand is located. In Europe, for example, 2520 cars were sold.

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