April 22, 2024

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Billie Eilish attacks Taylor Swift fans: 'Don't put words in my mouth'

Billie Eilish attacks Taylor Swift fans: 'Don't put words in my mouth'

After receiving criticism from Taylor Swift's fans, Billie Eilish shared her opinion on how the music industry is run

singer Billie EilishThe author of the book “What Are You Made For?” sparked widespread controversy a few days ago about… Excessive vinyl and CD production practices Under the pretext that they are contributing to the climate crisis in ways that it considers wasteful. This is in response to many artists who decided to present several versions of the same album.

Despite Eilish's statements… painting They did not try to attack any artist in particular.Some fans Taylor Swift They did not wait on the networks to confront the 22-year-old singer. Faced with this situation, the Oscar- and Grammy-winning artist defended herself through a post on social media.

“good, It would be great if people would stop putting words in my mouth. “And actually read what I said in that Billboard article,” the artist explained. Eilish, who did not mention the rule directly com. swifties Those who criticized her on the networks confirmed that her remarks were not directed at a specific artist, but rather at a general trend in the music industry that contributes to the problem of climate change.

Billie Eilish made it clear on her Instagram account that her criticism was directed at a broad issue in the industry, and not at Taylor Swift specifically. (Image source: Reuters/Audi Gerucci)

I wasn't pointing at anyone“These are systemic problems across the industry,” he explained. “When it comes to variables, Launched by many artists, including me!“It's something I clearly mentioned in the article,” admitted the artist behind hits like “Bad Guy,” “Ocean Eyes” and “Happier Than Ever.”

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Eilish concluded her brief statement, which she posted on Instagram, by reflecting on how the environmental state of the planet is an issue that should concern us all. “The climate crisis is here now, and it's about all of us being part of the problem and trying to do better, oh my!”The American star said.

“I wasn't pointing fingers at anyone, these are systemic issues throughout the industry. “When it comes to variables, many artists call it out, including me!”, the singer reiterated (Image credit: EFE/Armando Arorizo)

Swift, 34, is widely known for releasing multiple releases of her albums. He stands out because he is presented Eight variations From his 2020 album, “folklore”And Four of “Midnight”. Now, the singer plans to repeat the plan with her next album,Section of tortured poets.

Despite tensions between their fan bases, both Eilish and Swift have previously shown their support for each other and shared friendly moments in public. In fact, during her victory speech at the 2024 Grammy Awards, Taylor praised Billie after she won song of the year.

Despite the tension in social networks, Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish have a friendly relationship (Photo credit: Reuters/Mario Anzoni)

Eilish noted that creating multiple versions of albums with minor differences seems to be an increasingly common practice among artists looking to increase their sales.Some of the biggest artists in the world make 40 different vinyls He noted in the aforementioned Billboard article that they have something unique just to make you keep buying more.

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“I can't tell you how extravagant that is. It's right under our noses and people are getting away with it left and right., And I find it really frustrating“Your favorite artists are the ones doing this shit,” said Billie.

Currently, Taylor Swift's next album, “The Tortured Poets Section”It will arrive next April 19. Likewise, Billie Eilish announced last February that she… The next album has already been masteredbut there is still no release date.

Taylor Swift's “Tortured Poets Oath” will be released on April 19.