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Learn how to save energy with Samsung Bespoke AI™ devices – Samsung Newsroom Egypt

Learn how to save energy with Samsung Bespoke AI™ devices – Samsung Newsroom Egypt

From refrigerators to washing machines, the Bespoke AI™ range of home appliances helps consumers save energy with greater efficiency and greater connectivity features.

Samsung devices are known for their innovative design and technologies that make people's daily lives easier and help in household chores. In addition to the latest models of washing sets and refrigerators in the group Custom AI They have artificial intelligence (AI) functions that help consumers understand, control and save energy costs.

Learn about some of the main features of the line Custom AI devices That will help you save energy:

Energy efficiency

Models of Customized AI refrigerators It includes the Digital Inverter Compressor, which ensures better cooling of food while saving more energy. Additionally, Samsung Digital Inverter Compressors have a 20-year warranty.


In the case of the Bespoke Family Hub model, another difference is the View Inside function, which allows you to see the interior of the refrigerator through a smartphone connected to the device or through the external screen of the door, without having to open it.

Moreover, new refrigerator BESPOKE AI Family Hub™ It includes AI Vision Inside feature, which uses an internal camera and “Vision AI” technology to determine which items are being added and removed from the refrigerator. Which helps users manage and control food easily; At the same time, it recommends recipes through the Samsung Food platform, helping to reduce food waste and make healthier choices.

Kitchen with AI-Family-Hub_main1_f

Consumption control in the palm of your hand

With the SmartThings app, through the AI ​​Energy Mode function, the power of all connected devices can be monitored and controlled. With this, you can better manage the daily life of your home, as well as being able to set a monthly consumption target and receive a notification when energy consumption exceeds this target. This way, you can keep track of your expenses in the palm of your hand.

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More effective washing

In terms of garment care, AI Ecobubble™ technology facilitates the penetration of soap into the fabric and promotes more effective washing even with cold water, saving greater energy. In addition, some models also include AI Control, an intuitive and intelligent control panel that identifies a family's laundry habits and recommends personalized cycles based on their usage.

In new condition Smart laundry center BESPOKE AI Laundry Hub™Artificial Intelligence Opti function Wash & Dry™ technology intelligently adjusts washing and drying performance. The machine automatically detects the weight of clothes and levels of stains or dirt, based on the color of the water, to dispense the right amount of soap and water, and adjust the drying process to suit different fabric types.

Laundry room_white

As if that wasn't enough, AI Energy mode allows you to save up to 70% of energy consumption by reducing the water temperature (between 20°C and 40°C) during the washing process.

Benefit from saving more with Eco Renew

If you want to trade in your old device of any brand and condition for a device from the Bespoke AI™ line, you can get a discount coupon through the program Eco Renew In the Samsung online store.

The initiative was created to encourage the conscious disposal of appliances, TVs and monitors with savings of up to MXN 10,000. To get the discount, select the monitor, display or device you want to purchase, then select “Yes” in the “Recycling” section; Then select your old product, apply the corresponding discount and complete the purchase through the shopping cart. For more information visit www.samsung.com/mx/trade-up/

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