May 16, 2022

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Binotto responds to Mercedes over his favouritism

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The F1-75 She was solid and quick in every one of the different conditions during the six days of testing between Barcelona and Sakhir, though Red Bull It also took a huge step forward with the aerodynamic updates installed on Saturday at RB18.

Carlos Sainz He was the fastest driver on Friday in Bahrain while he was on Saturday Charles Leclerc He also took first place until he surpassed him Max Verstappen.

In Spain, Binotto insist on it Ferrari He was still “The Chaser”, because the favorite was still Red Bull And the mercedesAnd, despite the undeniably good shape of the F1-75, some words he still kept after the tests in Bahrain.

“We focused on ourselves, it’s been six positive days. We’ve been on the right track constantly, learning a lot about the car, collecting a lot of data, connecting with Maranello, wind tunnel and simulation. That was my first topic, and I think we got it,” he said. Binotto.

Russell referred to Ferrari as the favourite For this season, Binotto talked about it:

“In terms of performance, it’s very difficult to judge. I still think that both Red Bull and Mercedes are the favourites, they are the ones who won the Drivers and Constructors’ Championships last year, they proved to be a very strong team in the past and they still had a second advantage at the end of 2021.” “.

“I think at Ferrari we should at least try to be as close as possible. And if you look at the performance, as I said, it’s hard to judge. Honestly, I hope to be soon.” Mattia Binotto.

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This was the last day of pre-season in F1 2022:

Despite his caution, the Maranello team principal admitted that Ferrari has shown it is likely to be at the top in 2022.

“If we look at the last seasons, 2017 was a good season, 2018 was also a good season. 2020 was very difficult, and in 2021 most of the car was frozen.

“I’m sure we are a great team, this year we want to show again that we can be competitive again, and that’s what we’re focused on.”

“There is a lot to do, I think it will be a very long season. Bahrain will be the first race, but there will be 22 or 21 races after that.”

“I think developments throughout the season will also be a key aspect. We’ll see. It’s a matter of staying focused on ourselves and trying to do our best.”

Referring to his driver lineup, which gave very good results in 2021, he said: “I think they are very good and talented drivers, they are very fast, they are good competitors and they have a common goal.”

The year ended from Ferrari.

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