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Is it appropriate not to wear a muzzle before the end of the month, a possibility indicated by the Minister of Health?  (or) |  Readers Forum |  Opinion

Is it appropriate not to wear a muzzle before the end of the month, a possibility indicated by the Minister of Health? (or) | Readers Forum | Opinion

We all long for the possibility of not wearing a mask, but this decision seems hasty, we’re in a pandemic.

Cayambe, Pichincha. As a precaution against coronavirus disease, the mask is always worn by citizens, as it can be seen in bus stops, streets, etc.

Readers say stopping mask-wearing due to COVID-19 in Ecuador, especially outdoors, perhaps since the end of March, would be a mistake. (me)

Roy Nunez

do not. Crazy idea A fatal mistake in copying countries where the first vaccination was amazing; However, in the following cases, the population rebelled, many were not vaccinated, and declared that they deserved their decisions. Therefore, they had health and economic crises, and governments took drastic measures.

Authorities who suggest this idea will be flagged as undesirable for our judgment. (or)

Elio Semestera

Eliminating the rule recommended by international scientists, to wear a mask for the duration of the pandemic in the world, would be an irresponsible, absurd, attack on life.

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, European, American and Chinese researchers and COVID-19 have said in the media that the mask is the main protective element against the virus (in addition to cleaning hands, body, food and things; spacing. And nutritious food). They said the mask has become a staple of the “dress” for 3, 5, 7 years, we don’t know how much, until the disease is controlled by medicine, it stops being an epidemic, because they found medicine, pollen …., ideal, meet All conditions are one hundred percent effective in preventing deaths, infections and consequences after infection. The national government must not go to extremes: it raises the obligation to wear masks in Ecuador; We have a deteriorating public health system and disorganized citizens, most of whom do not know how to respect customs, laws, ordinances and ordinances; To give a button, the biosecurity protocol for the coronavirus, that’s why we have a number of deaths, hospitals collapsing, after holidays and celebrations, etc. (0)

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Anna Palacios

Ignorant followers long ago took off their masks for meetings, trips and weddings; in Montañita, Salinas, all of Ecuador; For Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Football Team Celebrations, etc.

Now the Ministry of Public Health, the Presidency of the Republic, “cancels” the mask? Take the consequences.

Thinkers will wear masks or earplugs. (0)

Jose Ortoneda

We all yearn for that possibility, but to me this decision seems to be a hasty one. Many aspects have to be taken into account, because the mask, the washing of hands, the distance between each … is what really saves us from infection with this virus that we have to take care of for a long time to come.

Without a doubt, we should realize that various vaccinations have been beneficial, but if we do not take good care of ourselves, we can still get infected. We must be careful. Prevention is healthy! (0)

Fernando Garcia

If it is appropriate to no longer wear a mask due to COVID-19 in Ecuador, especially in open spaces, as indicated by the Minister of Health, Ximena Garzón, is that possibility by the end of March 2022? Not appropriate.

So say a minister, or a governor, or a king, or a director of the World Health Organization…: Let us take off the masks, there is no longer a pandemic; The truth is that the virus is there, it hurts as long as there are stubborn and careless people who receive the first or second (first and second) doses but don’t want to get the boosters for the third and subsequent doses are fertile ground for the virus, infecting those who have been vaccinated with all doses. And while science hasn’t made, demonstrated, or formally approved the solution to the world, don’t claim that this invention kills the virus, you won’t get infected anymore; There is a danger, a pandemic, we have to carry on with a mask. (0)

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