January 28, 2022

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Black Adam looks menacing in new images from his movie as Dwayne Johnson confirms that the battle between Antihero and Superman will one day come

distance Eye-catching cover show Focus on the movie, Total Film this week (via Radar Games +Released a new set of photos black Adam.

These images do not represent scenes from the movie, but instead provide a behind-the-scenes look at the production lead Dwayne Johnson Directed by Jaume Colette Serra (jungle trip).

But while the visuals don’t tell us much about this movie’s plot that will include a version of the Justice Society, it’s also possible to appreciate more of Johnson’s characterization as Black Adam and frankly the actor looks very menacing.

However, even though it may seem that ‘The Rock’ has always felt comfortable in a suit, talking to him movie totalAt first things didn’t go well with the outfit, Johnson said.

“These are the best costume manufacturers in the field, they have made all the most amazing costumes. They are so talented.” I wore the suit and hated that outfit,” Johnson said. “Everything was quilted. So it immediately began to rip, cut, and rip. When I wore this outfit a second time without the padding, just cutting in a way that enhanced the work done, I felt, “I’m a black Adam.”

Although Johnson is in good physical shape, the actor said he trained specifically for the role of Black Adam.

“I wanted to arrive not only in the best shape of my career, but also in a way befitting an unstoppable supervillain and anti-hero,” The former fighter noted.

Obviously, Black Adam will focus on the character who has come to be known as Shazam’s most classic rival in the comics, however, following newer interpretations of this figure from the DC Universe, Johnson himself You don’t want to directly describe him as evil.

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“There has always been something unique and different about Black Adam,” The actor said Total Film. “He was evil, anti-hero, depending on his interpretation of what evil is. She loved the idea that her grief and anger stemmed from loss and was fueled by oppression. At one point, he refused to hold him any further. If I hurt him, his family, or his people, she would die. Point.” Simply “.

black Adam It will be released in July 2022 and La Roca continues to insist on it “The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.” In fact, the actor is still confident that one day his character will be able to fight Superman on the big screen.

“You have a chance to build these characters properly”, to explain Johnson. “We’ve paid attention to some of the traps other films have gone through in the past, in the DC universe, and what made many fans truly unhappy and angry, and as a fan, I was one of them.”

“So we make sure we respect tradition and myth, but we don’t allow ourselves to be creatively shackled. We can do anything if we keep the audience first. So for me There is a battle that will come one day between Black Adam and Superman. I don’t know who this Superman will be, and I don’t know who will play him. Good. You don’t need to know now. But I’m sure I do. It depends on what the fans want. We’re working backwards from there,” is over.

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