July 5, 2022

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Blackburn Rovers is hoping to acquire Woods, but it's not closed to sale

Blackburn Rovers is hoping to acquire Woods, but it’s not closed to sale

Blackburn Rovers’ Ben Britten is anticipating offers for the national striker in the upcoming transfer market. Although the Lancashire club hope to keep their striker at the club, the English media maintain that they are not closed to a sale if the offer is attractive.

according to him Lancashire TelegraphRovers are anticipating a bid of at least £20m to let Big Ben go, but it will depend on the club the offer comes from and the level of interest in the player.

In particular, the aforementioned media compare Brereton’s case with that of Rovers last summer, with then-scorer Adam Armstrong being sold to Southampton, when he had just one year left on his contract, the same time remaining on his Breton contract. .

Although the La Roja striker has sparked interest both inside and outside England, no offers have been made for the club yet, but Blue and White are well aware that they are likely to be left without their star striker, who they were. Looking forward from the Premier League and other European leagues.

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