May 16, 2022

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Blue Sky animation studio says goodbye forever, and Scrat finally gives his long-awaited nut

Blue Sky animation studio says goodbye forever, and Scrat finally gives his long-awaited nut

Although for Marvel fans, Disney’s purchase of Fox I’ve had the pleasure of getting characters like X-Men back for UCM, but the process isn’t like that There is no bad news. That is, after an intense attempt to survive, stoned by the epidemic, the animation studio Blue Sky has definitely closed its doors. The animation company rose to fame in the field of animation French ice age And his farewell could not be more sentimental and tender with his legacy: Scrat finally managed to eat his long-awaited acorn.

Chris Wedge, co-founder of the study, explained about the post the meaning of the scene, goodbye in the language they’ve always used: “Over the past thirty-four years, we, like our single-minded character, Scrat, have achieved something that may seem far-fetched at times. However, time and time again we have managed to create our own versions of that elusive sweatshirt. Unfortunately, no one can hold onto Something forever. We hope you’ll be able to feel some of that joy. Thank you, from the bottom of our collective hearts, for being with us all these years.”

“Ice Age” (Disney Plus)

Always in the shadow of big production companies like Disney or Dreamworks, Blue Sky has featured some animation success like HortonAnd robots also river. His most notable work was commendation Charlie Brown and Snoopy: The Peanuts movie Then they will face spies in disguise. Disney + was released at the end of last January Ice Age: The Adventures of Buckthe new installment of the concession that they did not have to study in.

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They also have nothing to do with it Scrat’s adventuresthe new series of shorts that A squirrel has to deal with fatherhoodAt the same time as his little new buddy, he’s trying to get the iconic acorn. The future of his talent will surely be captured by various mainstream animation studios, although it is still a little sad that the studio he grew up ice Age It will have nothing to do with the future of the franchise. On the other hand, it doesn’t look like The House of the Mouse will tap into a Century Fox producer, outside of its own streaming platform.