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BMW i3 stops production saying goodbye to an iconic electric car ahead of its time - News - Hybrid & Electric Cars

BMW i3 stops production saying goodbye to an iconic electric car ahead of its time – News – Hybrid & Electric Cars

Within six months, BMW i3 It will stop happening afterwards Nine years in the market and sold 250,000 units. A spokesman for the German manufacturer confirmed the end of the first electric car from BMW to the magazine Fitness Trainer. In my country July 2022 The last unit of this electrolytic capacitor that entered the market in 2013 to revolutionize the panorama of electric cars will leave the production lines in Leipzig. with Pioneering aestheticAs a result of its development from scratch to become an electric car, carbon fiber rear doors, Its design was not without controversy. Its strength train has emerged for its performance and novelty of use “one pedal” (It was later generalized in many other paradigms.) History should record a BMW i3 As a symbol of electric mobility.

The first generation BMW i3 was launched as a concept in 2011, and it was launched in 2013 with a range of 190 kilometers. It was accompanied by a second version of the extended range thanks to a small two-cylinder gasoline engine. The first update arrived in 2016, introducing a larger battery capacity that increased its autonomy even 312 km. In 2017, without changing the battery capacity, BMW launched the BMW i3s with a 10 kW engine, a range of 280 km and some features that provided more sporty dynamics. As of November 2018, BMW started selling Currently marketed version With a new battery with a total capacity of 42.2 kWh and a useful 37.8 kWh and autonomy of WLTP Between 285 and 310 kilometers. This latest update permanently terminated the release with a range extender in Europe, which is no longer offered in the United States.

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The DriveLife platform in the BMW i3.

At the end of 2019, Oliver Saez, Chairman of BMW That will keep i3 in its catalog And that it would get a new battery upgrade that would keep it alive until 2024. To make this investment profitable, the update was supposed to see the light of day. Between the end of 2020 and the end of 2021. Finally, BMW did not take this step. In October 2020, BMW confirmed production of the 200,000th unit of the BMW i3. In July 2022 there will be 250,000 units combined.

According to Autocar, a BMW UK spokesperson explained that the decision to remove the BMW i3 from the brand’s catalog responds to Extending the manufacturer’s electrical range: “By the end of this year, the BMW Group will have six 100% electric models on the market, and that number will rise to 13 by 2023.”

The BMW i3 will be out of production in July 2022 with several indirect successors. “Today’s customers who want an electric vehicle well suited for urban driving or a compact and roomy vehicle for an active lifestyle will have the next MINI Electric or BMW iX1 at their disposal,” a company spokesperson said.


The BMW iX1 and Mini Countryman are the indirect alternatives to the i3 in the German range catalog.

The name must be inherited from before Electric Series 3 Which has nothing to do with size and shape with it. On the other hand, the BMW iX1The electric version of the X1, to be launched this year, is a larger five-seater SUV that was to be produced at the new plant in Debrecen, Hungary. However, construction delays have led to it being moved to the Regensburg plant where BMW will produce it in 2024.

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The Leipzig plant, where i3 is still manufactured, will prepare to reorganize its facilities and start production Mini Country Man The third generation of 2022. This model is based on FAAR . platform from BMW, a new architecture that also marks the end of production for the aluminum-dense DriveLife platform that underpins the i3.