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Rebel: The series that catapulted Lorenzo Lamas to fame, but also became his worst sentence

The 90s were the epicenter of serials that, despite the passage of time, remained in the collective memory of the audience and became a cult object for most fanatics. Indeed, many of them have had reproductions that have passed, with greater or less success, their soul from generation to generation.

the rebel It was one of those classic TV shows that was on the air for five seasons and reached its TVs in more than 100 countries, leading to big fanaticism, as happened with Walker, Texas Ranger the magnum. Although the police plot was a boomerang at the time, its protagonist – the archetypal long-haired muscular man who solved cases aboard a Harley-Davidson – undoubtedly provided a dose of originality and magnetism to the story..

Today, 25 years after the last episode aired, this novel is in the top ten of the most remembered series of the ’90s. Therefore, it is worth knowing what inspired the plot, why it ended so suddenly and what was from the life of its heroes.

Created by Stephen J. Cannell, who also had a recurring role as corrupt police officer Donald “Dutch” Dixon, the rebel It aired from September 19, 1992 to April 4, 1997, with a total of 110 episodes. The producer was inspired by two issues when creating this story: On the one hand, the character Terrence Hill played in the film the rebel 1987, on the other hand, in the real experience of a cop who becomes a bounty hunter after being accused of a crime he never committed.

In Canel’s story, a policeman named Rino Raines (played by Lorenzo Lamas) is considered one of the best characters in his class until he testifies against some corrupt colleagues as they try to get rid of him who nearly killed the woman he loved. His boss Dixon put him down, frankly framed him, and put him in jail. With the help of Bobby Six Keller (Branscombe Richmond), Reigns is released from prison and becomes an “apostate”. While trying to clear his good name and find the real culprit of the crime in question, he’ll go undercover under the name Vince Black, picking up criminals to collect rewards in return.

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In this adventure, where he’s always about to be discovered (his face can be found on the wallpaper in police stations across the area), Harley Davidson is his great ally; That with it he can perform not only big chases, but also risky maneuvers. The flying fights and kicks are also not missing, a basic dress for the protagonist to show off his martial arts skills – Lamas was an expert in taekwondo and karate – and why not, his muscles.

Perhaps because of these qualities, Cannell set his sights on Lamas to be a star in this story. He was born on January 20, 1958 in Santa Monica, the son of Argentine Fernando Lamas and Norwegian actress Arlene Dahl, she just starred Falcon Crestthe series that made him famous and distinguished before and after in his career.

Lorenzo Lamas exploded to fame with his leading role in Renegade

His eighty height, remarkable torso, and long brown hair made him a favorite of female audiences and attracted producers who saw in this heart the potential for commercial success with projects that might not have stood out due to their script or originality. And although at that time Lamas was one of the great references to action cinema, his acting performance in the series was heavily criticized, which did not prevent him from becoming one of the most famous faces on television or getting millionaire contracts in the industry.

In addition to being the main face of the project, Lamas was also a hand in choosing the actors who accompanied him throughout the 110 episodes. In fact, he was the same one who suggested producer Stephen J. Cannell take on the role of his villainous antagonist, Donald “Dutch” Dillon. Since the creator could not find any actor who would convince him to play the cause of all of Reno’s misfortunes, he decided to follow the recommendation of the heartthrob and embody it himself.

While his ally, fortune hunter Bobby Six Killer, was played by actor Branscombe Richmond (the alternate villain in the novels of the time), his love interest, who also happened to be Bobby’s sister, was responsible for his own real-life wife, the beautiful Kathleen Kinmont. Gossip says that the actress (who started her relationship with Lamas on set Falcon Crest) got into the cast by imposing her husband, who wanted her close during the long months of filming in San Diego.

Kathleen Kinmont was the wife and partner of Lorenzo Lamas in the novel.  When they separated, she gradually disappeared from the series until she was completely replaced.
Kathleen Kinmont was the wife and partner of Lorenzo Lamas in the novel. When they separated, she gradually disappeared from the series until she was completely replaced.Getty Images

Although the actress was in four of the five seasons that the series ran, her contentious divorce with Lamas left her out of the project. The actor cheated on her with Playboy model Shauna Sand – who ended up getting married and having children – and the scandal fell on the set. Immediately, Kinmont was replaced by another performer, newcomer Sandra D. Robinson.

Renegade is finished after five seasons
Renegade is finished after five seasons

Although it seems that there is no expiration date, the move the rebel To USA Network, where its creator was already broadcasting silk chaseIt was his grave. After one season on the air, the show was finally canceled. In this latest installment, Renault is finally able to prove his innocence and reveal the mask of the evil Dutchman.

As it usually happens with such successful productions, the end of the series also marked the end of the upward trajectory for its heroes.. And even though they all kept working, they were never able to achieve the popularity they had the rebel I hate them. While Branscombe toured Richmond in many famous film productions such as to the max the scorpion kingIn addition to being a double stunt player, Cannell continued to act, write, and direct other projects until his death from cancer in 2010.

In Lamas’ case, he has not been given the same appreciation within the industry. His number soon ceased to be among the most valuable in the environment and he had to settle on low-budget products and some commercials to stay in place. In 2010, the artist settled in Argentina to participate in “Dance for a Dream”, a reality show that he then left His media fight with Graciela Alfano.

married five times The luck of his personal life could not have been better. Addictions, legal infidelities and bankruptcy hit him so hard that he decides to reinvent himself and look for a new job as a helicopter pilot; A hobby that continues to this day. “If they told me 20 years ago that I wouldn’t act and that I was going to fly commercial helicopters, I would have told you they were crazy. But life takes sudden turns and opportunities arise and you have to find your way somehow and continue to grow as a person and feed your children.”

Despite appearing on screen sporadically or just being news of his love life (about to marry for the sixth time)Lorenzo Lamas continues and will be remembered by many as that tough, righteous and indomitable driver who for years marked an entire generation in his Harley-Davidson.