August 16, 2022

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BMW XM, the most powerful hybrid SUV in all of Bavaria!

however, Unlike misunderstood engineering moles like Tesla’s Cybertruck, The BMX XM has better arranged lines, where the sporting heritage of the sub-brand is respected.

The car will direct the new generation of m . models, with the distinctive kidney grille, but this time with new elements, such as its LED surround, split headlights and LED lights on top.

The BMX XM count by one two-tone paint And L-shaped skulls. in black when they’re off, Hexagonal exhaust And a great publisher. Although its exact measurements are unknown, it is believed that it would be as large as BMW X7Today’s largest SUV.

Meanwhile, the cabin feels closer to the more exclusive models BMW. In addition to seeing the hardware and infotainment system in place, the brown leather upholstery is beautiful and very elegant, accented with velvet and copper and carbon fiber finishes. Just look at the pictures to see how much fun one should have inside the leather-lined cabin SUV de Logo.

BMW MX, a hybrid beast

Unlike details that can be seen with the naked eye, BMW I decided to be more careful with the details hidden under the massive bodywork BMW XMHowever, it has revealed some characteristics that perfectly illustrate it This SUV is a dangerous thing.

Its combined power will be with electric motor and gasoline engine 750 HP and 1,000 Nm of torque. Likewise, her autonomy is more than decent, as she will be able to travel Up to 80 km in electric mode, according to him WLTP Smoothing Course.

How much does a BMW MX cost?

with this car BMW He wants to compete head-to-head with high-end brands How do Lamborghini and wonderful Manages; Bentleywith this majestic Bentayga, And Rolls-Royce so is kolinam, so we expect the price to safely exceed 100 thousand euros.

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According to some experts, it is believed that BMW XM Overcoming even a barrier 150 thousand euros (More than 3.6 million Mexican pesos current change), so those who want one of these Powerful SUVs In your garage, you will have to prepare to open the checkbook.