June 23, 2024

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Bolivia reiterated the need to strengthen and integrate Celac - Prensa Latina

Bolivia reiterated the need to strengthen and integrate Celac – Prensa Latina

During his speech at the sixth summit of the political agreement mechanism, Ars stressed the concerted efforts and reconciliation of positions on the basis of solidarity and common interests.

The President reiterated that strengthening the role of CELAC is an effective alternative to the critical behavior of the Organization of American States, which is considered an implementer of US foreign policy in the region.

Arce described that institution as an “outdated and ineffective body” and noted that rather than act according to its founding principles, it adopted a clearly undemocratic and interventionist-oriented behaviour.

Its increasing interference in the affairs of states does not contribute to the peaceful settlement of disputes, but rather generates them, an outdated and ineffective body that does not respond to the needs of our states or to the principles of pluralism. Given this, the need to strengthen Celac is obvious,” he said.

The behavior of the OAS has been the target of criticism for its complicity in the coup in Bolivia in 2019, and also for its complicit silence in the face of human rights abuses by the resulting de facto government.

In addition, that organization was particularly marked for its interference in the internal affairs of Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, and the last two non-member states.

The Bolivian president noted that CELAC was born with the goal of agreeing standards, formulating policies for the greater good, and representing the region’s legitimate interests.

Ars Mexico, Interim President of CELAC, thanked the efforts to make the Summit effective, and for the timeliness of its discussion agenda, which includes, among other topics, social development, energy, education, the environment and the COVID-19 pandemic. .

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As well as the creation of a space agency in Latin America and the Caribbean, and a fund to prevent and mitigate damages caused by natural disasters, particularly those caused by climate change.

He commended the importance of the meeting attended by the representatives of Member States in order to move forward in agreeing on effective measures to successfully address the problems related to the above-mentioned issues.

“This meeting at the highest level is a sign of the commitment of our two countries, which was expressed in the statements that we agree to today, thus strengthening the trust between our two countries,” the president said.

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