June 21, 2024

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Boom Karts, la copia de Mario Kart para Android que está triunfando

Boom Karts, a successful version of Mario Kart for Android

If you have Android phone You have definitely tried searching for Lifetime Games on Google Play. Many are available, some are in mod versions, and some don’t have mobile mods. Today we recommend you Boom Karts, The The successful version of Mario Kart on Google Play. It is a game that wanted to copy the popular dynamics of Nintendo game: Kart-style cars, different characters, very rare episodes, and Multiplayer race With traps and surprise boxes. It has everything that makes Mario Kart special!

Download this fake Mario Kart game for Android phones

Yes, we know there is a copy of Mario Kart Developed by Nintendo and available on Google Play. If you play you will know that it is similar to everything except Mario Kart. Moreover, the game we are talking about today has more original than the official Nintendo mobile version.

Boom Karts is the game we recommend you download and that many people are talking about. It’s not new, far from that, but it’s becoming more and more common. It has everything you could expect from a Good version of Mario Kart, including online races to play with people from all over the world.

She has very crazy circles, All kinds of carsVarious characters and the best of Mario Kart: traps and obstacles that you can throw at your opponents. You can play with friends, against AI or with random users from all over the world.

The perfect racing game to play with friends

If you want to play Mario Kart With your friends, you need everyone to have a Nintendo console, game, and pass to play online. It’s very rare for all of your friends to have this, but it’s very likely that they will have a file Android phone.

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It is enough descargar boom karts, create a career and voila. The game is simple and although it is not as good as the original game, you might be surprised with everything it includes. The developer didn’t say that, but she copied everything in Mario Kart and put it in her game without licenses and in different colors and shapes.

It is a very fun game that we recommend you to try if you like racing and hanging out. that it Multiplayer mode It makes it difficult to get bored quickly and the difficulty increases.